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Several elements of safety protection of injection molding machine mold protection system

[China Packaging News] as the most important production tool of injection molding factory, it determines the shape, specification, size and appearance smoothness of products. The material of hardware mold is steel, which is generally composed of front mold/rear mold

mold protection

due to the specificity, precision, vulnerability and other characteristics of the mold, it is very important to carry out the safety protection of the mold, which can be summarized in the following aspects:

1. Rust prevention: prevent the rust phenomenon caused by water leakage/condensate/rain/fingerprints in the mold of the injection molding machine

2. Collision avoidance: prevent the mold from being damaged due to the breakage of the ejector pin and the failure to retreat in place

3. Deburring: prevent mold burrs caused by cloth wiping/material punching/hand wiping/nozzle clamp touching/knife touching

4. Missing parts: prevent the mold from being damaged during the use of the mold due to the lack of pull rods/washers and other parts

5. Pressure prevention: prevent mold crushing caused by mold locking due to residual products

6. Undervoltage: prevent mold damage caused by excessive low pressure protection pressure

among them, the proportion of mold damage caused by thimble fracture, thimble failure to return in place, mold residual products and lack of accessories is high, and it occurs more frequently, so more than 85% of mold damage is caused by this reason, and the maintenance cost of mold is generally high, so how to avoid this kind of situation is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry

in order to prevent production delays caused by mold damage and high maintenance costs, and to better save human resources, ANQI technology has developed a product called "mold protector" through continuous research and improvement using machine vision technology

mold monitor, or mold protector, also known as mold electronic eye, can effectively protect expensive molds. The mold protection system of the injection molding machine, installed on the injection molding machine, can directly check whether the product is qualified, and check whether there is residue before closing the mold, so as to prevent mold damage. When the injection molding machine is running, the expensive mold may be damaged due to plastic residue or slider dislocation in each cycle. Anqi will prevent these situations and automatically prevent mold closure and alarm in case of abnormalities

if the mold is damaged due to the failure to take effective mold protection, we give you the following suggestions:

precautions for mold maintenance:

1. When disassembling the mold, avoid bumping and watering, and move smoothly

2. Spray anti rust agent and a small amount of release agent

3. Comprehensively inspect the mold and carry out rust prevention treatment: carefully wipe the moisture and sundries in the cavity, core, ejector and row position, and spray the mold rust inhibitor and grease

mold maintenance:

mold maintenance is required due to the wear of parts, deterioration of lubricants, water leakage, crushing of plastic materials and other problems during the continuous operation of the mold

mold maintenance is generally divided into daily maintenance and lower mold maintenance

mold daily maintenance generally includes the following aspects:

1. Regularly remove rust (appearance, PL surface, mold cavity, core, etc.), and regularly clean sundries on the parting surface

2 Mr. Nicholas Smith, general manager of Bayer materials technology textile coatings global business, said to reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment: "for all industries using textiles, regularly re add lubricants (ejection mechanism, row position, etc.)

3, regularly replace vulnerable parts (pull-up to promote 27.73 rods, bolts, etc.)

4, other areas that need attention

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