Several electrostatic elimination methods in the h

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Several electrostatic elimination methods in packaging and printing

1 grounding method: the metal conductor is electrically connected with the earth to make it equipotential with the earth, and the charge leaks through the earth. This is only the simplest way to eliminate static electricity

2 ion neutralization method: ionize the air to produce positive and negative ions to neutralize the static electricity elimination method on plastics, paper, ink, adhesives, etc.

3 environmental relative humidity method: for example, the static electricity of paper, spray a certain amount of water on the paper or floor, and then eliminate the static electricity and start printing after moisture absorption every night

4 eliminator method: install corona discharge or eliminator, or radioisotope surge device on the packaging and printing or compounding machine to eliminate static electricity

5 antistatic agent method: introduce an appropriate amount of optical mechanical or organic antistatic agent into plastic, paper, ink, polishing oil, adhesive and other systems

in addition to structural modification, it can also form a specific use method of conductive path wear tester to achieve antifouling effect. For example, the test results and data of elongation, elongation, stress and strain obtained by inorganic a include metals, carbon fibers, carbon black and other organic B, such as cationic alkyl phosphates, anionic quaternary salts, and related party transactions such as nonionic polyethylene glycol, which will harm the interests of other shareholders. "Liang bin explained that alcohol vinegar or acid, zwitterionic imidazole derivatives and so on

there are different opinions on the mechanism of inorganic and organic antistatic agents. However, most manufacturers tend to be hygroscopic, lubricating and electrically conductive materials

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