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Several dust cleaning methods of pulse bag filter

the dust cleaning method of bag filter is another important factor that must be considered in the correct selection of filter cloth, that is, different types of filter cloth with different dust cleaning methods should be selected due to different dust cleaning energy and deformation characteristics of filter bag

1. Pulse jet ash cleaning method

the bag type dust collector of pulse jet ash cleaning method is powered by compressed air, and uses the pulse jet mechanism to release compressed air in an instant, inducing several times of secondary air to shoot into the filter bag at a high speed, making the filter bag expand sharply, and cleaning the ash by shock vibration and reverse gas. It belongs to the type of high kinetic energy ash cleaning. Generally, the outer filter round bag or flat bag with frame is used. This kind of bag filter requires thick and wear-resistant filter cloth with strong tension resistance. Chemical fiber needled felt or compressed felt filter cloth is preferred, and the mass per unit area is 500~650g/m2

2. Compartment reverse blowing method

the bag type dust collector of compartment reverse blowing method adopts compartment structure and valve switching room by room to form reverse air flow, forcing the filter bag to shrink or bulge and remove the ash. This kind of dust removal method also belongs to low kinetic energy type dust removal. With the help of the working pressure of the bag filter as the dust removal power, it is additionally equipped with the blowback airflow power on special occasions when we were very curious about the spring we saw when we were young. Thin filter cloth with soft texture, easy deformation and stable size is required to be selected for the bag type dust collector in the way of chamber reverse blowing dust removal. Because the bag type dust collector has internal filtration and external filtration, the selection of filter cloth is slightly different. Generally speaking, the internal filter type commonly used round bags, no frame, bag diameter of 120~300mm, bag length to bag diameter ratio of 15~40, priority is given to satin (or twill) woven filter cloth with shallower indentation, thickness of 1 0~1.5mm, mass per unit area is 300~400g/m2; External filter type commonly used flat bags, diamond bags and honeycomb bags, with support frame, give priority to wear resistance. 2. Reducer 1 is generally used for transmission equipment with low speed and high torque, and the thin needle felt filter cloth with good permeability, with a unit area of 350~400g/m2

3. Vibration and back blowing combined dust cleaning method

vibration and back blowing combined dust cleaning method bag filter refers to a bag filter with dual dust cleaning effects of vibration and reverse air flow. Its vibration makes the dust cake loose and the reverse air flow makes the dust separate. The two methods cooperate with each other to improve the dust removal effect, especially suitable for the filtration of fine particle viscous dust. The selection of filter cloth for this kind of bag type dust removal is basically the same as that of the bag type dust remover in the way of compartment reverse blowing

4. Nozzle back blowing ash cleaning method

the bag type dust collector of nozzle back blowing ash cleaning method uses high-pressure fan or blower as the back blowing ash cleaning power. By moving the nozzle, it can regulate the speed valve of the filter bag in turn to rapidly rise and blow, forming a strong reverse air flow, which makes the filter bag deform sharply and remove the ash, belonging to the type of medium energy ash cleaning. According to the nozzle form and its moving track, it can be divided into rotary reverse blowing, reciprocating reverse blowing and gas ring sliding reverse blowing

the bag type dust remover of rotary reverse blowing and reciprocating reverse blowing adopts the form of external filter flat bag with frame, and the structure is compact. This kind of bag type dust collector requires to select filter cloth with relatively soft, stable structure and good wear resistance, and give priority to medium thickness needle felt filter material, with a mass per unit area of 350~500g/m2. Cylindrical Satin woven filter cloth is widely used in China

the bag type dust remover of the air ring sliding back blowing dust cleaning method adopts the inner filter round bag, the nozzle is of annular seam shape, and it is sleeved outside the round bag to move up and down for blowing. It is required to select the thick, wear-resistant, rigid and non fuzzing filter cloth. The wool compression felt is preferred, and the synthetic fiber needle felt can also be selected, with the mass per unit area of 600~800g/m2

5. Mechanical vibration ash cleaning method

the bag filter of mechanical vibration ash cleaning method uses mechanical devices (including manual, electromagnetic vibration and pneumatic) to vibrate the filter bag, and the vibration frequency ranges from several times per second to hundreds of times. In addition to small mixture mixers, most of these bag filters adopt the form of internal filter round bags. Its characteristic is that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is less and the number of actions is more. The filter cloth is required to be thin and smooth, and the texture is soft, which is conducive to the transmission of vibration waves, so as to form sufficient vibration force on all filter surfaces. Therefore, the bag type dust collector of the mixture mixer usually adopts satin or twill fabrics woven from chemical fiber staple fibers, with a thickness of 0.3~0.7mm and a mass per unit area of 300~350g/m2. It is recommended to choose a filtration speed of 0.6~1.2m/min (the small mixture mixer can be appropriately increased to 1.5 ~ 2.0m/min). (end)

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