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Recently, a boy in Xunyi county was injured in his hands by electric wires while eating with his family in a restaurant. After hospital rescue and treatment, he is now out of danger

>> parents

when eating, the child fell down

touched the ground wire

on the evening of November 5, Mr. Wen and his family came to the private room of "Xufu Yipin prawns" on West Street of Xunyi County for dinner. At about 8 p.m., his 1-year-old and 4-month-old son Xiaoyu suddenly fell to the ground, and his hands touched the two wires on the ground. He immediately looked dull and his hair almost stood up

"electric shock! Hurry!" Mr. Wen felt from experience that the child was shocked, so he quickly unplugged the wire in the child's hand. When the child's grandmother picked up the child, he was shocked and staggered. This is because the polymer is composed of long-chain elements. Mr. Wen kept shouting the child's name. After a while, the child came to consciousness, "wow", crying out

Mr. Wen rushed the child to the county hospital, and the doctor told him to transfer as soon as possible. He transferred the child to Xianyang 215 hospital. The medical record of the burn and plastic surgery department of the hospital showed that the reception time was 11:47 that night. The medical record says: four hours ago, the child accidentally fell down and touched the wire, causing electric injury to his hands. Both hands can be seen with punctate electric injuries, with blackened and slightly swollen surroundings

I learned that when Xiao Yu first came to see a doctor, the myocardial enzyme was high and the situation was relatively critical. After the doctor's full rescue, he turned the crisis into safety. Due to partial necrosis of the injured parts of both hands, the doctor performed partial resection of the necrotic parts of both hands for Xiaoyu on November 18

on November 19, the Chinese business daily saw in the ward that Xiao Yu's hands were completely wrapped in gauze and kept crying "pain". "The doctor said that after the new meat grows, another autologous skin grafting of both hands is needed." Mr. Wen told that the doctor said that the child's hands would leave scars, and the actions such as grasping would also be greatly affected in the future. The whole treatment cost is about 20000 yuan. "At present, the boss gave 8000 yuan, and then he didn't pay any fees anymore."

>> the supervision unit

treated the child first

the compensation issue was then negotiated

in the afternoon of the 19th, the Chinese business daily contacted Ms. Wang, the person in charge of "Xu Fu Yipin prawns". She said that this happened in the store, and she also paid 8000 yuan for the treatment, which has been done. The child is still young, and the parents, as guardians, have not fulfilled their duty of care. The judgment standard for the use of fixtures leads to this, and some of it

why are wires on the ground and why are children hit by wires? Each party sticks to its own words. Ms. Wang said, "the wires may also have been pulled off by children playing." Mr. Wen said, "if their safety measures are OK, I believe that children can't be injured by electricity in their hands after falling down many times."

according to Mr. Guo, head of the urban management market supervision station, a subordinate unit of the Xunyi County Market Supervision Bureau, after the child was shocked, the police station, the fire department, the emergency department, the urban management market supervision station and other units went to the scene. For the parts that need to be rectified, the relevant departments that promote the development of resource-based industries to the direction of intensive processing also issued a notice asking them to rectify

Mr. Guo said that the person in charge of the hotel had paid 8000 yuan for Mr. Wen to treat the child first. They also reminded Mr. Wen to keep the relevant bills and then mediate between the two parties. If the negotiation fails, Mr. Wen can go to the court to sue

>> lawyers

pose a danger to the personal safety of customers

Hotels bear the main responsibility

Han ruiruirui, a lawyer at Shaanxi qinzhidao law firm, believes that according to the relevant provisions of the tort law, catering service venues should provide security obligations to guests. In this case, the hotel did not maintain the function of electronic components at the same time to provide corresponding security. The two wires in the private room were exposed, which posed a danger to the personal safety of customers, so the hotel was mainly responsible. There are also some parents as guardians, but the hotel is bigger

Han ruiruirui said that if the two sides cannot reach an agreement on the compensation of the child's medical expenses, Mr. Wen can file a lawsuit. In addition to the child's various medical expenses, if it constitutes disability, the compensation for disability and nutrition, hospitalization food allowance, nursing expenses, and the guardian's reasonable expenses such as lost time and transportation expenses should also be added. Chinese business daily Di Yiting

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