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Half a century of reunion more than 70 workers were invited to pay a return visit to Taichong

half a century of reunion more than 70 workers were invited to pay a return visit to Taichong

201 enterprises are difficult to obtain profitable information about China's construction machinery

recently, more than 70 workers of Shanghai nationality who once worked in Taichong group met again after 50 years of separation. Everyone recalled the present and the past, and lamented the great changes in the unit

the world's largest crane, China's largest space launch device production base, and the forging equipment production base with the most complete variety in China... After visiting Taizhong group company, the workers were deeply excited about the unit's continuous innovation and repeatedly creating the world's best. You ask the repairman of the hydraulic testing machine how much is the cause of the accident and the troubleshooting method. Money is like asking how much is the car. Xu Minqiang is one of the initiators of this activity. He said that in 1964, in response to the call of the state, he and his classmates came to work too hard from Shanghai. After three years of training, he was assigned to other provinces as a technical backbone. With a flick of his fingers, young people become old. 50 years have passed, and his yearning for too much is growing day by day. During this year's national day, he and several other Shanghai workers launched the initiative of "touching the years and thanking friendship - too much to meet again", which received a positive response from everyone. After one pass and one contact, finally, more than 70 Shanghai workers rushed to Taiyuan from all directions, reviewed the days they had gone through together with former workers, and witnessed the great changes of Taizhong group

friends, thus aggravating the oil leakage phenomenon, remind

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