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Return to tradition, Huanyuan Chinese lighting makes simplicity stable, lightness thick

at present, the keyword price of the lighting industry in search engines is rising, and all kinds of lighting and lighting compete with each other. The advertising space of some well-known stations is as high as thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan. All kinds of foreign and domestic lighting exhibitions rise one after another, and the procurement information changes rapidly. In this information flooded world today, If the marketing method is not innovative, it is easy to be submerged in the red sea of competition

in this fast era, Chinese lighting stands out again

Chinese culture determines the important position of the living room. From rest to entertainment, and then to reception, the living room carries many functions. Therefore, complex lighting systems are often designed in the designed living room to take into account different use needs, which starts from the demand side. At the same time, the living room is often equipped with decorative lamps such as spotlights to adapt to some special purposes. For example, there are often some boutique cabinets, murals, etc. in the living room, which need to use special lamps to simplify the preparation of the prototype part for illumination. In addition, in the space design of the living room, some people like to place leisure sofa in the room, so it is necessary to place a floor lamp next to the sofa. The light of this floor lamp can shine upward and then reflect down from the ceiling. In this way, the light can be evenly distributed in every corner of the bedroom. In addition, in order to highlight the performance of various zones, lighting layout is also a great deal to do. As mentioned above, the elongation of polymer materials in the living room is far better than that of metal, fiber, wood, plate and other materials. The annual output value of the industry has exceeded 1trillion yuan. There are different zones: sofa, audio-visual, wine cabinet, activity area, channel, etc. the lighting design principles of these places are to create multiple parts and coordinate the whole, and create lighting effects suitable for different landscapes through different shading methods. In addition, for the lighting design of the living room, many people like to use (1) remove all the bundles for indirect lighting. I like it because indirect lighting can play a unique function in creating an atmosphere and create a different artistic conception. Its light will not be directed to the ground, but is placed behind the wall groove or ceiling or wall decoration. The light is projected onto the wall and then reflected to the ground. The soft light seems to gently wash the whole space, gentle and romantic

choose Huanyuan lighting for your home. Make the home stable and light

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