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Chengdu returnee entrepreneurs turn glass into a "power plant"

have you ever thought that one day, solar energy can be used in cities that often rain? If one day, the walls of the house are no longer reinforced concrete, but pieces of glass that can generate electricity? So where is the secret of making glass generate electricity? It is the mysterious cadmium telluride. In one episode of the American TV series big bang for life, the most striking blue symbol on the whiteboard behind Sheldon is the elemental symbol of cadmium telluride. Cadmium telluride can absorb visible light, and then convert light energy into electrical energy, so when ordinary glass is plated with cadmium telluride, it becomes power generation glass

the normal operation of CdTe thin film solar tensile machine is the cutting-edge technology in the solar energy industry, and it is also the upgrading of the technical requirements for the combustion performance of the insulation panel core in the main research class of panjingong, general manager of Chengdu zhongjiancai Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd., before returning home. Just last year, Chengdu zhongjiancai Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. started the 80 MW/a cadmium telluride thin film solar cell production line project. The first phase covers an area of 67 mu, with an investment of 500 million

panjingong said that he expected to see a leading piece of China's own (large-area) cadmium telluride power generation glass by the end of this year. Also full of expectations for this project are a group of young scientists in Pan Jingong's team, who come from all over the world and work hard and struggle with enthusiasm in Chengdu, a central city in the west, to tie their future with the national new energy and new material industry since the establishment of the company, and look forward to creating a better tomorrow with their knowledge and skills

today, pan Jingong also has a title, vice president of the Sichuan "thousand talents plan" expert Association. He and Li Chaoyang, who served as the president, as overseas returnees who successfully returned to China to start their own businesses, have been trying to help other overseas talents and build a bridge between them and Chengdu. At present, as one of the cities with the highest economic development level in the inland region of Western China, more and more overseas talents have also turned their attention to Chengdu

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