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Retired veterans cross thousands of miles to find "doctor maggot" to save their right lower limbs

when they hear the word "maggot", many people immediately frown. However, this little maggot was rare by an old man, so he traveled thousands of miles to Nanjing to seek medical treatment. Recently, the Endocrinology Department of the 454 Hospital of the people's Liberation Army admitted a patient who came from a long distance. He came to Nanjing to look for the famous "maggot doctor"

came all the way to Nanjing for medical treatment

Wu Qinghao (a pseudonym) is 64 years old, from Dunhuang, Gansu Province. He is a retired veteran with a 10-year history of diabetes. A year ago, he had a blood bubble on the sole of his right foot for no reason. He knew little about the complications of diabetes. Thinking that the blood bubble was caused by doing farm work, he punctured the blood bubble by himself, but the wound had not healed

in the past year, he has been hospitalized repeatedly in the local hospital, but the wound has gradually deteriorated. A month ago, the lateral metatarsal bone of his first toe was broken, and the doctor suggested that he be transferred to hospital for treatment. In order to cure his father's feet, Uncle Wu's son searched a lot of information on the Internet. He saw relevant reports about the efficacy of maggots in treating diabetes feet in the Endocrinology Department of the 454 Hospital of the Nanjing People's Liberation Army. He felt that this technology was very new. After making up their minds, they bought train tickets, first from Dunhuang to Lanzhou, and then to Nanjing. It took a total of 35 hours on the road, spanning 2800 kilometers

"doctor maggot" saved the right lower limb

in the Endocrinology Department of the 454 hospital, Uncle Wu received the basic treatment of reducing blood sugar and blood pressure, and "personally experienced" maggot debridement therapy. At the time of admission, the condition of his right foot had developed to osteomyelitis. In order to preserve his right lower limb, the doctor performed toe amputation of the fifth toe of his right foot. At present, his physical condition is recovering well. What is the principle of maggot therapy for diabetes? Director Chen Jin'an, the attending doctor of Uncle Wu, told, "diabetes foot refers to the disease state of ulcer and gangrene in patients with diabetes due to microcirculation disorder caused by insufficient arterial perfusion due to macrovascular and microvascular diseases. Maggot therapy refers to the method of applying the larvae of living Lucilia sericata to the treatment of refractory ulcer wounds, including the treatment of gangrene wounds of diabetes foot."

"many patients with diabetes are prone to necrotic tissue in the heel. Generally, hospitals use surgical methods to remove carrion, but it is difficult to remove it completely, leaving patients with great pain." Dr. sunxinjuan from the Department of endocrinology of the hospital explained that foreign studies have found that maggots only eat dead tissues. They will produce a chemical substance that can dissolve dead tissues and then suck them up. This chemical will stimulate the growth of granulation tissue, thereby promoting wound healing

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a. how to cultivate biological maggots

1. Not all maggots of flies are suitable for human debridement. The hospital selects a specific genus of Lucilia sericata, and it needs species purification and reproduction for several generations before it can be used in clinical practice

2. Medical maggots must live in a specific temperature and humidity environment, which is lighter than pet. To this end, the Endocrinology Department of the hospital has also specially established a multi-layer maggot laboratory with a perennial temperature of about 26 ℃ and a humidity of 80%. In this environment, three weeks of maggots growth and development can meet the clinical application. "In the laboratory, these green headed flies drink milk, eat brown sugar, blow the air conditioner, and have doctors to serve them!"

3. Medical maggots need a sterile environment. When sampling, laboratory personnel should wear isolation clothes and pass through five buffer rooms to ensure the sterility of the breeding environment

4. These maggots need to be disinfected and filtered before clinical use

b. can maggots "eat" healthy tissues with simple operation

Professor Wang Aiping, director of the Endocrinology Department of the 454 hospital with a large arc, told that maggots need 100 at a time when patients clean their wounds. Generally, patients don't feel too uncomfortable. Some people may worry that maggots will not eat healthy tissue? Dr. sunxinjuan explained that he would not. Because maggots will only attack the necrotic tissue on the wound, and will not affect the surrounding normal tissue

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