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Two years of restructuring pay close attention to lean management chaochai power face a new

two years of restructuring pay close attention to lean management chaochai power face a new

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Guide: on December 16, 2013, Dongfeng Chaoyang chaochai Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as chaochai) held the 2014 service work conference. Fan Zhong, chairman of the company, said at the meeting: in 2013, chaochai's output of engines was conservatively estimated at more than 180000. From the perspective of output, chaochai did not make a big jump, but it changed

on December 16, 2013, Dongfeng Chaoyang chaochai Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "chaochai") held the 2014 service work meeting. Fan Zhong, chairman of the company, said at the meeting: "in 2013, chaochai's output of engines was conservatively estimated to be more than 180000. In terms of output, chaochai did not make a big jump, but in the past two years of restructuring, chaochai has undergone fundamental changes in system, mechanism and management."

using the flexible mechanism

China industry daily found that the management of chaochai changed greatly, and the main leaders adjusted. It is reported that after the restructuring, the total number of employees of chaochai is less than two-thirds of that before the restructuring, but the production capacity has not changed

the restructuring and diversion has not only reduced the number of employees, but more importantly, the ideological concept of employees has completely changed. Fan Zhong said: "the concept of love and dedication is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the past, some people always wanted to work less and get more money, but now there are basically no such people." On the other hand, because the salary mechanism is more flexible, employees' income has also increased

the mechanism is more flexible, which is one of the reasons why chaochai, an old state-owned enterprise, finally decided to restructure. Fan Zhong analyzed the respective advantages of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. He believed that the advantage of state-owned enterprises lies in the support of national policies, while private enterprises have a more flexible mechanism. On the contrary, chaochai has missed a good opportunity to develop strong data and graphics processing functions for various objective reasons. Turning into a non-state-owned holding enterprise is both a helpless move and a trend

at the end of 2011, after equity diversification, new chaochai was established with the joint investment of Dongfeng chaochai company, Shanghai Yuru Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai fangyuanhe Investment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhihan Business Service Co., Ltd. During this period, Dongfeng chaochai company invested 6 yuan. It is expected that the scrap price will be consolidated in a short time and wait-and-see for 10 million yuan, accounting for 20% of the shares of chaochai power; Shanghai Yuru and Shanghai fangyuanhe, two private investment companies, invested 90million yuan and 63million yuan respectively, accounting for 30% and 21% of the shares; Shanghai Zhihan, which represents the management and technical backbones, contributed 87million yuan, accounting for 29% of the shares

the effect of restructuring is immediate. Not only the employee engagement has been improved, but also the cost control has made great progress, turning losses into profits; The quality level has been greatly improved, and the zero kilometer failure rate has decreased significantly. In 2012, the zero kilometer failure rate of chaochai products decreased by 60% over the previous year; In 2013, the figure fell by 50% again

"zero kilometer failure rate is a very rigorous statistical index, including the bump of a paint spot. In fact, it is often inevitable for engines, which are products with complex processes and need long-distance transportation, to rely on technological innovation. Even so, since 2013, chaochai still often has zero data all day. This has exceeded the requirements of many host manufacturers." Fan Zhong said

another management data can also support the change of chaochai. Gaoxianwei, deputy general manager of chaochai sales company, said, "in 2013, the service fee of chaochai decreased by 33% compared with the same period in 2012." On the one hand, it benefits from the improvement of product quality, on the other hand, it is also the result of strict and detailed management of services

pay close attention to lean management

since the reform, chaochai has focused on lean management with the goal of pursuing excellence. It has hired professional companies as lean management consultants. Under the guidance of the five truths of "true faith, true learning, true understanding, true doing, and true results", with quality improvement as the starting point, it has implemented the basic principles of "three no's, three shows, and three inspections", and set up the principles of disassembly analysis, self-made parts quality improvement, and supporting parts quality improvement Basic management has improved four project teams, while giving full play to the advantage of CFT team's full-time personnel to solve quality problems, and implemented and solved a number of quality problems with centralized market feedback. Through these fruitful work, chaochai has established a strict and effective quality inspection and quality assurance system, the casting scrap rate has continued to decline, and the quality of accessories, machining, assembly and adjustment has been greatly improved

chaochai should focus on the present and be more long-term oriented. The company has established a commodity development strategy committee to study product planning issues, and hired first-class diesel engine technical experts from the United States and Japan as technical consultants. It has established cooperative relations with many universities such as Tianjin University and Jilin University of technology, as well as scientific research institutions such as national key laboratories, to demonstrate, evaluate and optimize the existing product structure. The whole series of products meet the national fourth emission standard, and has a national fifth development platform

over the past two years, chaochai company has unswervingly taken practical actions in management, quality and product development. The obvious effects of quality improvement, reduction of three guarantee fees and turning losses into profits have been recognized and supported by the majority of employees. Employees feel that the enterprise has hope, they have a future, their work has a future and their future is guaranteed

a leader of the main engine factory who participated in the service work meeting of chaochai told China industry news: "recently, chaochai products have been greatly improved, which is really different from the past."

it is reported that the gas engine jointly developed by chaochai and Italian NGV company has overall performance ahead of similar domestic models, and the emission meets the national five standards. Fan Zhong said that on the gas engine, chaochai has gone through a detour. In the past, chaochai sold bare machines to gas system suppliers, making itself a supporting supplier. These suppliers have neither experimental equipment nor service capacity, which greatly restricts the exertion of product capacity

after the repositioning of chaochai, the newly developed gas engine is different from the original theoretical air-fuel ratio gas engine. Considering the power and responsiveness, it has strong horsepower and fast acceleration. This model has been fully calibrated and tested in the vehicle factory, and its power performance is equivalent to or even stronger than that of diesel engines in the same power segment. Through the powerful electronic control calibration technology of Italian NGV company and the wide oxygen controllable cell combustion gas control system specially tailored for chaochai, this model is superior to the domestic industry level in power, economy and emission

as the developer of electronic control diesel engine, chaochai also adopts the form of borrowing external brain, cooperates with the internationally renowned AVL company, and introduces the process quality control of the well-known Japanese engine company, so that the product presents the characteristics of strong power, reliability, durability, intelligence and low fuel consumption, while the vertical tensile testing machine is suitable for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

"I don't want to say too much about chaochai's plan for 2014. Let's see the performance." Fan Zhong said so

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