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Viewpoint 1+1: the civilization of "no release" in Shanghai Metro needs regular escort

release date: Source: people viewpoint channel

from December 1, the newly revised "Shanghai rail transit passenger code" will be officially implemented. Among them, a new prohibition clause is added for the external sound emission of electronic devices. Shanghai Metro calls for a safe and civilized riding environment

it is a basic civilized accomplishment to be in public places and not to make noise. This can protect personal privacy, will not disturb others' lives, and will maintain public order to a certain extent. Similarly, in a relatively closed subway car, passengers should not speak "loudly", let alone use the "big horn" of electronic equipment. However, there are still some unconscious people who disturb their neighbors as if there were no one else. When discouraged, they shout "out of control", and even cause disputes, which is really shaking their heads. The regulations issued by Shanghai Metro are to say "no" to the relevant acts from the system

"without rules, nothing can be achieved". Civilization needs self-cultivation and also depends on external constraints. Effect of external constraints what happened to the trapped oil of the testing machine? Yes, if some people can't control themselves and go their own way, they should be dealt with accordingly. Once the dissuasion fails, the "uncivilized record" is likely to come in handy, and the "listed" will face limited behavior during one of the common problems faced by many new material enterprises in the development process. Although this is a punishment, it is more important to convey correct guidance to the parties and society to reduce the occurrence of similar acts. Civilization needs the "escort" of rules, and self-discipline and restraint complement each other

there is also "degree". For example, many places have implemented fasting in subway cars, but it does not point to infants and patients. When babies need milk and hypoglycemia are in urgent need of sugar, managers and other passengers can understand. Some subway stations also set up "mother and baby rooms" to provide convenience for mothers. As for the sound of electronic equipment, if it is accidentally opened, close it quickly and say sorry, it is not a big deal. Between boundaries and consideration, people have steelyards in their hearts. It has become a social consensus to be humanized and not "dogmatic"

some people have linked the Shanghai subway "fans can watch wonderful football games outside the ban" with the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway's "silent carriage". It has to be said that this is not necessarily the same thing. On the one hand, there are no more detailed rules for the "silent carriage" of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway; On the other hand, "silent carriage" is only an option for passengers to buy tickets. According to foreign experience, passengers who choose the "silent carriage" need to be muted, leave the "silent carriage" when speaking, and even cancel the radio station announcement. Passengers should obtain relevant information by themselves according to the display screen in the car. In other words, "silent carriage" is no longer a problem of civilized riding, but a reflection of passenger demand and diversification of operation services

the "no release" of subway cars does not interfere with people's "freedom". People who like listening to songs and brushing videos can wear headphones "dullele", which is also a way to respect others. The realization of individual rights does not affect the rights of others. Such rights are protected by rules and laws. Perfecting systems and regulations is conducive to promoting the progress of social civilization and creating a good social fashion. "Don't do it because it's small, and don't do it because it has 7 good antistatic performance." Try to be a builder of civilization, starting from the little things around you, will also benefit from a good social atmosphere

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