The hottest point of view of a design director

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A design director's view

01, don't treat yourself as a boss. If you want to exploit others, you must exploit yourself first

02, don't print the words of general manager on the business card. Printing the design director or customer director will make your business more flexible, and customers will also feel that the size of your company looks ok

03, don't get together with designers unless you just want to be a designer

04, don't easily find friends who are familiar with you to cooperate, unless you value money more than friendship

05, don't cooperate with strangers or people you don't know well, unless you have the experience and ability to drive this dangerous cooperation

06, don't expect yourself to get rid of computers in 5 to 10 years, unless you are not an ideal designer. For the entrepreneurs of design companies, the exhaustion of your thinking means the exhaustion of your company

07, don't abandon your ideals, unless you think money is the only thing you think important. Being an ideal person will naturally make an ideal company (8) take down the sample company

08, in the face of reality and ideal, you should learn how to balance and tolerate. You should know that it took more than ten years for Zhou Xingxing to let people know that his kung fu is also good

09, don't think it's a smart way to deduct money from employees. After all, this money can't make a lot of money. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, every capable employee is the foundation of the company's development

10, be knowledgeable, don't improve the injection speed, as long as it's miscellaneous, let every customer think you're an expert

11, watch less series and more financial programs to cultivate their ability to observe and examine problems

12, keep reading and always be in front of the people around you. Chasing others and being chased by others will create two different attitudes

13, pay attention to learning business etiquette. In the process of entrepreneurship, these qualities will win you the respect of customers

14, we should be clear about the fundamental difference between design companies and advertising companies. Only by knowing where the road is, can we figure out how to go this way

15, it is equally important to make a long-term plan and a review. Unrealistic assumptions and eager for quick success are fatal

16, don't rely on anyone. The constitution of a small company can only be exercised by strong pressure and hard work. Parasitism and dependence will only make you die miserably when the wind direction changes

17, proficient in finance, we should know well, but we can't become carbon fiber. Relying on its extensive use in aerospace and sporting goods industry, we have won the reputation of "high-tech" reinforcement materials. We are a miser. We can only have output if we know how to invest. Accurate investment and Reinvestment are the cornerstone of the next development

18, don't use your brain in tax and other aspects. The deepening of commercialization and internationalization will only make you encounter more stringent financial and operational reviews that can accurately determine the tensile strain hardening index (n value) of sheet metal and strip, unless you always want to linger in the downstream

19, establish an objective management system that conforms to your company as soon as possible, and you will waste the same time on the same problem, sometimes even endangering the life of the company

20, don't think that if you are a machine, others must be machines. A harmonious working frequency will create a harmonious working environment, and the temperament of your company will be born from this

21, we should pay attention to every small list and small customer, otherwise the so-called professionalism will disappear, and you will correspondingly lose the opportunity and quality of development

22, never be satisfied with your work. People and companies better than you are around, and they are ready to give you a hard blow at any time. What you can do is to constantly improve yourself and make your vitality more vigorous

23, the design company has character. When you become small in ten years and big in one day, all your efforts will be verified

24, always remember that you are a businessman who understands and loves design. You are more qualified than others to eat with design

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