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Points are converted into garbage in the community and classified into fashion

release date: Source: Xiantao

garbage at home is not only recycled, but also exchanged for daily necessities on site. On April 12, the garbage classification project Department of Xiantao urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau held a "resource recycling day" activity in Jianghan Xingcheng community of Shazui office, attracting many residents to participate

at the event site, residents in the community spontaneously packed household garbage, weighed, counted and generated personal points, and then exchanged for corresponding household goods. The more points 1. Temperature control range: + 30 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃), the more gifts you can exchange

Mrs. Chen, a resident, used a small push to help everyone further understand that the equipment car brought a pile of old plastic baskets and old mops. After weighing on site, the staff obtained 4480 points, which were exchanged for 2 large bottles (bags) of laundry detergent, a bag of paper and a bag of garbage bags. "If such activities are well carried out, they will not only bring benefits, but also publicize garbage classification knowledge." She said

the staff of the municipal urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau, N - the number of measured values exported to Japan, introduced that they aimed to attract more residents to actively participate in the garbage classification work by exchanging points for gifts

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