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Like! Automatic storage: after the experiment, the strong wind blew off the wires, and the existence of the friction force fixed by the bus driver will affect the compression resistance of the specimen and even destroy the situation. On the morning of October 9, the third branch of Qingdao bus Shinan bus received praise from a citizen, Ms. Jia, saying that guozongchen, the driver of No. 25 bus, took the initiative to return to the scattered wires near the station in his spare time, It ensures the safety of vehicles and passengers

according to Ms. Jia, who lives near Tuandao, when she was waiting for a bus at the Zhejiang Road Station on Guangxi Road on the morning of the 7th, she saw an enthusiastic bus worker fixing the scattered wires to the top of the stop sign with graphical tools, making room for safe travel between citizens and vehicles, such as medical devices or the automobile industry

through the conversation, Ms. Jia learned that this warm-hearted person was guozongchen, the No. 25 driver. It turned out that recently, the temperature has been falling continuously, and the island city has been encountering windy weather from time to time. A wire near the station of Guangxi Road and Zhejiang road is scattered beside the station due to the influence of the wind. Guozongchen, who drives his car here every day, noticed the potential safety hazards there, and used his spare time to simply lift and fix the wire here

"there is a large traffic flow and pedestrian flow at the station. When the safety state of the wire is uncertain, people and vehicles should avoid in time." Guozongchen told that it was his job to ensure the safety of passengers, which was just a small matter in his work

at present, the staff of the third branch of Shinan bus has contacted the relevant departments, and the relevant departments said that they would deal with the scattered wires as soon as possible to ensure the travel safety of the general public

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