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Portland accelerates the localization process 1 Maximum experimental force: 2000kN

Introduction: the high quality and high efficiency of pockeland hydraulic products bring customers the cost advantage of the best life cycle

as a world-class brand of hydraulic parts, the low-speed high torque inner curve motor produced by French pockeland hydraulic company enjoys a very high reputation in the industry. At the 2017 China green vehicle International Forum, Zhang Jiantan, general manager of poklan hydraulic China, said: "at present, the most popular products of poklan in China are low-speed high torque internal curve motors, medium pressure pumps and brake valves. In addition, we also have various directional valves, pressure valves, flow valves and electronic control systems, which can provide customers with a full range of hydraulic solutions."

pockelan provides customers with a full range of hydraulic solutions

Zhang Jiantan said that the reason why pockelan liquid 71 metal faced rigid polyurethane sandwich panel is famous in the world is that the high quality and high efficiency of products bring customers the cost advantage of the best life cycle. "Due to the structural characteristics of pockelan low-speed motor, the power unit can be driven directly without reducer, so as to improve the overall efficiency and power density and achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction." At the same time, Portland hydraulic is trying to transfer the products with large demand in the whole Asia Pacific region, including China, to Shanghai factory for assembly and production, including motors, pumps and brake valves, so as to shorten the customer's supply chain and reduce the customer's logistics costs. "With the development of localization of our parts, we believe that Portland can produce products with stronger cost advantages."

Zhang Jiantan, general manager of pockelan hydraulic China

it is undeniable that pockelan hydraulic has brought high-quality hydraulic products and system solutions to the Chinese market, which has improved the technical content of domestic construction machinery, mining machinery and agricultural machinery to a considerable extent. "In the past 15 years since entering China, the brand awareness of pockelan hydraulic is constantly expanding, and customers who have used the company's products have a high evaluation of pockelan hydraulic." With the recovery of China's construction machinery market, the sales of poklan hydraulic has doubled since the beginning of 2017 compared with the same period in 2016. Zhang Jiantan is obviously very satisfied with this result: "since we have achieved excessive performance in the traditional off-season at the beginning of the year, we conservatively estimate that 2017 will increase by about 25% over last year."

when talking about the cooperation with complete machine manufacturers, Zhang Jiantan said with a smile: "we have cooperation with domestic state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, but one purpose is always the same, that is to recommend our most suitable products according to the needs of customers." Speaking of this, Zhang Jiantan emphasized: "we hope all customers can buy 'right' products."

facing the changes in China's hydraulic parts market in the past two years, Zhang Jiantan expressed a positive attitude. He felt that for complete machine enterprises, whether to enter the hydraulic industry and expand upstream completely depended on the overall strategy, their own capabilities and market environment of the enterprise. "As long as a certain product has excess profits, capital will enter and intensify competition until the profits of the whole industry fall to the average level of the market. At present, many complete machine enterprises have entered the hydraulic industry, which just shows that the market development and profit space of this industry are quite optimistic."

pockelan accelerates the localization process

Zhang Jiantan believes that domestic hydraulic plants are developing rapidly, both in quantity and quality. "As the market demand in China is getting stronger and stronger, the R & D investment and process investment of domestic manufacturers are increasing, and the quality is also constantly improving. As a foreign manufacturer, we are also constantly carrying out R & D, so that every year, domestic and foreign manufacturers will have new products or new improvements to the market. This competition also leads to mutual promotion, so that everyone can do better in this industry. I think this is a very healthy development Mode. "

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