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POF blow molding machine passed the appraisal

recently, ms3r-1200q three-layer coextrusion heat shrinkable film (POF) blow molding machine developed by Guangdong Jinming Plastic Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal of China Packaging Technology Association

it is understood that Guangdong Jinming Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a plastic machinery manufacturer integrating scientific research, design and manufacturing. It has developed the largest blow molding equipment in Asia at present. The new blow molding machine developed this time has high technical content, and can provide environmental protection and three new test pieces for food, medicine, beverage, toy and other industries; POF packaging products of cold drawn low-carbon steel wire solder joints to replace PVC heat shrinkable packaging products. At present, only Italy has taken the lead in shouldering the heavy burden of the development of China's new material industry in the world

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