The hottest pole is tilted, and the cable is dange

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There is a danger that the electric pole is tilted and the cable is hung low

some residents report that there is a electric pole tilted on the T-shaped road in the northeast corner of Yanbao Baiwan homeland in Chaoyang District, which can be used for tensile test) which has a great impact on the travel and safety of pedestrians and vehicles passing by

the inclined pole is located on Guangqu East Road, near the northeast corner of Yanbao Baiwan home. The pole is inclined at an additional angle of about 30 degrees with the ground. Residents said, "this telegraph pole is at the intersection. There are many people coming and going every day. The telegraph pole is crooked like this. If it hits people, the consequences will be unimaginable."

it is understood that the intersection is close to the Baiziwan resettlement housing project. At present, the project is still in the construction stage, and there are many large engineering vehicles entering and leaving every day. This inclined pole pulled down the staggered cables together. Now the lowest place of the sagging cable is only about 2.5 meters from the ground. The resident is worried that if a large vehicle passes by without paying attention, it is easy to cut the cable line and cause an accident

according to residents, this pole has been tilted like this since April this year. Now half a year has passed, and no one has ever dealt with it. Residents said that the inclined pole was marked with the words "China Tietong Beijing Chaoyang Branch" which preliminarily verified the power generation and power supply capacity of the aluminum air battery system. He had reported this problem to the company, but the staff replied that the pole was crooked during construction, and the construction unit needs to pay for the righting. "Such consumption is not the way. In case the pole is found to fall one day, it will not only affect the smoothness of the line, but also pose a threat to pedestrians and vehicles passing by." Residents called on relevant departments to intervene in time and straighten the inclined telegraph pole as soon as possible. Wang Dong

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