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Pointing directly at the pain point of the renewable energy industry chain, whether the new deal can make "scenery" energy more beautiful

recently issued the notice of the National Energy Administration on reducing the burden of enterprises in the renewable energy field "which is also the key to our subversion of raw material costs" (hereinafter referred to as the notice) In China, measures such as indemnificatory acquisition, clarifying the main body of project investment and construction, power market trading, reducing land and financing costs, and preventing and correcting arbitrary charges all point directly to the pain points of the renewable energy industry chain

in the view of the industry, if these measures can be implemented, it will really reduce the investment and operation burden of renewable energy related enterprises and further promote the reduction of renewable energy energy per kilowatt hour cost

guaranteed acquisition refers to the stubborn disease of "abandoning wind and light"

at present, with the acceleration of the development of clean energy in China, the new installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic both rank first in the world. However, at the same time, the consumption problems faced by wind power and photovoltaic power generation are also becoming more and more serious. The reality of "abandoning wind and light" is common when oil leakage occurs and seals are replaced

according to the statistics of China Electricity Council, at the end of 2017, the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic accounted for 16.5% of the total installed capacity, but the power generation accounted for only 6.6%. Some regions still have a high proportion of power rationing, such as 33% in Gansu, 29% in Xinjiang and 21% in Jilin. Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia have a light rejection rate of more than 5%

"in the past, there was a view that renewable energy power generation was garbage power, its output was unstable and there would be fluctuations, but now after the development of technology, it has been greatly improved, and the proportion of renewable energy power generation in European countries reached 30% - 40%, there was no problem." Said Ge Chun, executive vice president of atlas New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd

what is the reason for the "scenery no longer"? From an analysis report released by the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, science and technology shows that the main reason for the abandonment of wind and light in some places is that China's power operation mechanism lags behind and does not adapt to the current situation of the rapid development of renewable energy, such as the lack of ability of power dispatching agencies to carry out day-to-day, intra day and real-time dispatching operations; The large-scale consumption of wind power and photovoltaic power generation requires conventional units to provide a large number of peak shaving, voltage regulation, standby and other auxiliary services, but at present, a reasonable benefit adjustment mechanism has not been established. Once peak shaving is required, wind power and photovoltaic power are mostly making way

"in the past two years, the situation of photovoltaic power stations has improved a lot, especially the state has suspended new projects for provinces that have not completed the guaranteed acquisition, which is very useful." As the boss of renewable energy enterprises, Ge Chun's most intuitive feeling is that local chaos in renewable energy management is getting less and less. She told that in Jiangsu and other central and eastern provinces, it has reached "how much you send and how much you receive"

it is noted that the notice also proposes to strictly implement the requirements of the renewable energy law and strictly implement the renewable energy guaranteed purchase system. Power enterprises are required to accept and apply in a timely manner, clarify and time limit, implement the guaranteed purchase policy according to the regional minimum guaranteed purchase hours approved by the state, and meet the guaranteed purchase requirements by 2020 at the latest. For regions that have not implemented the requirements of guaranteed purchase, the competent Energy Department of the State Council will take measures to control the pace of project development and construction, such as suspending the local annual wind power and photovoltaic power generation construction scale

according to insiders, Xinjiang and Gansu have not approved new photovoltaic, wind power and other projects for several consecutive years, mainly because the indemnificatory acquisition has not reached the standard

market-oriented transactions need to break the energy consumption barrier

Ge Chun said that according to the "renewable energy packaging pressure testing machine is used to conduct static compression experiments on packaging cushioning materials, packaging boxes or packaging to determine the force deformation characteristics of materials or packaging source method", at present, renewable energy power generation is divided into two modes, one is guaranteed acquisition, which can realize the basic income of power stations; First, market-oriented transactions, through the competitive way of market bargaining to obtain power sales contracts, and through market-oriented means to achieve the priority of new energy electricity

however, we learned in the interview that the "good experience" of market-oriented trading is still misinterpreted in some places: although some provinces and regions have implemented various forms of market-oriented trading, the general direction is correct, but there are still many problems. For example, some provinces put market-oriented trading electricity within the minimum guaranteed purchase hours of renewable energy, and some provinces have trading electricity prices as low as a few cents per kilowatt hour. These methods are in the name of market-oriented transactions, but the actual price is mainly the local coordinated or dominant electricity price, and the actual income of renewable energy development enterprises is damaged, which increases the difficulty of the decline of renewable energy electricity price subsidies

the notice also emphasizes that renewable energy power generation enterprises are encouraged to participate in market-oriented transactions of electricity beyond the minimum guaranteed acquisition hours, and proposes that power enterprises should sign contracts with renewable energy power generation enterprises to give priority to traditional electricity generation, implement renewable energy power quota system, and ensure that power market-oriented transactions safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of renewable energy power generation enterprises

"at present, renewable energy is mainly consumed in the province. The 'Three North' region has large installed capacity but limited power demand." Said Xiao Rui, Dean of the school of energy and environment of Southeast University

according to the interview, many enterprise representatives and power experts believe that since China has determined the clean energy priority power generation system and market-oriented trading mechanism, it is necessary to make up its mind to promote the reform of the power system, speed up the construction of a national unified power market, and promote renewable energy power to participate in market-oriented trading. On the one hand, local consumption should be strengthened. For example, the western and northern provinces can establish a renewable energy electric heating cooperation mechanism; On the other hand, in view of the regional "barriers" of clean energy consumption, we should expand renewable energy power transmission channels and cross provincial and cross regional transactions, establish a new electricity price mechanism and clean energy quota system, and establish a linkage mechanism between renewable energy power consumption and new projects

end users are expected to buy electricity "by variety"

at present, China's power market is still dominated by power enterprises, and power users can only purchase with their eyes closed, and do not know where electricity comes from. This year, this situation will be broken

the notice clearly requires that the renewable energy power quota system be implemented, and the quota indicators of the proportion of renewable energy in power consumption in each provincial administrative region shall be specified and assessed to improve the utilization level of renewable energy. Li chuangjun, deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, also revealed that the "renewable energy electricity quota and assessment measures" are being revised and improved according to the consultation, and the preliminary plan is to be released in the first half of the year

after ten years of delay, this policy, which is highly expected by new energy enterprises, will finally uncover the "true face of Lushan Mountain"

"compared with the previous design, the biggest change this time is to shift the obligatory subject of the quota system from the power generation side to the demand side." An expert from the national development and Reform Commission told me. The quota system means that the government is responsible for the assessment and the market body is responsible for the completion of quota indicators. In other words, in the future, the central and eastern regions must open their doors to accept cross provincial green power. Power companies will sell electricity "by variety", and end users have the right to choose clean energy

in the future, customers have the right to choose according to their preferences. As for how much it will cost to realize this choice, it is negotiable. However, we must first give the choice to the customer. The quota system and a series of previous documents are designed to give customers the right to choose

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