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When to stop over packaging gift boxes

with the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards have been greatly improved. Especially in the traditional festivals of Chinese people, it is pleasant for relatives and friends to visit relatives and friends with exquisite gifts. However, after using up the gifts, some extravagant packaging made people ~i`4b difficult. "It's a pity to abandon it, but it's useless to keep it." facing these "beautiful garbage", it has become a worry for many people

reciprocity has more price advantages and is a Chinese tradition. It is beyond reproach that gifts given by relatives and friends should be decent. However, excessive packaging has brought many burdens to people. Just as a citizen said, "the gift box is too much. The complex packaging makes people feel distressed. The bamboo, thick cardboard box, iron box and wooden box are all padded with delicate yellow silk, and the few and fine gifts lie in the huge gift box. These packaging materials can neither be eaten nor used, so they can only be seen as waste products". A young man engaged in waste purchase said that on holidays, most of the boxes were not used after receiving gifts. Only during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, he purchased more than 3000 yuan of waste products, including a variety of packaging cartons and high-end wine bottles, three times as much as usual. But there are many exquisite gift boxes, even those who collect waste products do not accept them, making it difficult for people to make mistakes

there are three reasons for this unnecessary waste of resources. First, the merchants excessively pursued high profits, so that the commodities that were not high in value were over packaged to obtain high profits, resulting in "sky high price" commodities appearing in shopping malls from time to time. Second, the psychology of "abnormal consumption" is making trouble. It seems that gifts can show the identity of the sender and receiver. The higher the price, the greater the "style", resulting in "only giving expensive gifts, not the right ones". Third, in the name of mutual communication, the reality of bribery has led to a more market for high priced gifts, which has evolved into a social problem

in today's era of advocating thrift and building an economical society, this excessive packaging is incompatible with the civilization advocated by the state. In terms of the society and regular replacement of composite mats, strict economy is a kind of culture, which reflects the degree of social progress and civilization. For individuals, practicing strict economy is a virtue and a civilized behavior. In fact, it is not difficult for gifts to be over packaged and out of the market. As long as the state strengthens the functional characteristics of the tube seat belt impact testing machine, it can be achieved. People will never forget that after the relevant state departments issued the "slimming order" for moon cakes last year, the "sky high price moon cakes" in the mid autumn festival market have converged. As long as the relevant departments strictly enforce the law, consumers consume rationally, manufacturers try to be simple and practical in production, jointly resist waste, and do not give gifts excessive packaging to the market

therefore, every citizen should start from the "small things" in life, save a kilowatt hour of electricity, a grain of grain, a drop of oil, and a piece of paper to accompany a child, develop healthy and scientific living habits, and make efforts to establish a sustainable and economical society. ◆ reproduced from: packaging world

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