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loading clothes, food and garbage... Citizens have to deal with plastic bags in their daily life. But did you know that some dark plastic bags are mostly reprocessed from recycled waste plastics, so they do great harm to human body. The Beijing Municipal Department of industry and Commerce said recently that the use of black thick plastic bags will be banned in Beijing's vegetable markets. After hearing the news, some Haikou residents reported to this newspaper that there are still many food markets in Haikou using dark plastic bags, which are also very popular

citizens are worried that the health of commonly used black plastic bags will be affected.

"it is said that the food market in Beijing will soon ban the use of black plastic bags for food, but why are most of the food markets in Haikou still using them?" Miss Chen, who lives in Haidian Island, Haikou City, said to her anxiously

Miss Chen told her that every time she went to the nearby vegetable market to buy meat, the merchants used black plastic bags to pack it for her. When she learned that the black plastic bags might do great harm to the human body, she dared not ask for it any more. A Mr. Wu believes that everyone has to deal with plastic bags every day. Although he also knows that some plastic bags may have potential health hazards, the actual situation is that everyone is using them. Generally, when buying fruit, they use dark fatigue testing machines such as black and red to mainly test the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products. There are not so many plastic bags at all

another Ms. Qi said with deep feeling that plastic bags are too closely connected with the lives of Haikou citizens! In Haikou, the boss will put a plastic bag on the bowl for cooling or eating fast food. It looks very sanitary. In fact, I don't know how many bacteria there are on it. Even if these plastic bags are not all dark, they are not safe. But in the end, everyone just turned a blind eye, because it was the same everywhere


dark plastic bags are very "popular"

in response to such problems reflected by the citizens, on the morning of November 19, I specially visited some vegetable markets and mobile stalls such as Haidian Sanxi Road market and longxipo market, and found that many vendors used black or red plastic bags to pack various meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods

in the morning of the same day, I saw in the market of Haidian Sanxi road that some vendors selling vegetables and fruits were using black or red plastic bags to bag all kinds of food purchased by consumers. In front of some mobile breakfast spots next to the market, many people waiting for cars buy breakfast on the roadside. Some people took the steamed buns and buns packed in red plastic bags and ate them in their hands without feeling anything wrong

through careful observation, it is found that although these stalls selling roadside breakfast are also hung with white plastic bags, they are also using black or red dark plastic bags. A woman stall owner told me that when business was good, she would use hundreds of such plastic bags a day. In some vegetable markets and mobile stalls, such as longuepo market, there are basically similar situations

relevant experts identified toxic plastic bags by two methods

then, those who recorded good or bad tensile properties consulted the staff of Haikou industrial and commercial department on this matter. The staff told that at present, Haikou has no relevant regulations explicitly prohibiting the use of black or dark plastic bags in the vegetable market, but the relevant departments have held a hearing on the issue of avoiding "white pollution", which will play a positive role in preventing such problems

according to the staff, most of the dark plastic bags are unqualified or even toxic, so they are not suitable for food, especially the food to be imported. Therefore, it is entirely reasonable for citizens to have concerns. The staff reminded the public that dark plastic bags should be avoided as far as possible. For some light plastic bags, they may not be completely qualified. In case of high temperature, they may also produce ingredients harmful to human body. Therefore, it is suggested that citizens should carry their own basket when buying vegetables in the vegetable market

how can citizens easily identify toxic plastic bags? According to relevant medical experts from the provincial people's Hospital, generally speaking, some simple methods for peeling are as follows: put the plastic bags into the water, and the non-toxic ones can surface, while the toxic ones may not rise; The non-toxic hand feels lubricated, and the toxic hand may be sticky; Grasp the plastic bag and shake it hard. The sound is clear and non-toxic, and the sound is stuffy and astringent may be toxic

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black plastic bags are forbidden in Beijing vegetable market

according to the Beijing Youth Daily, black thick plastic bags will be prohibited from being used in Beijing's vegetable markets. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, black, red, blue and other dark plastic bags are mostly reprocessed from recycled waste plastic products, which are harmful to the human body and are not degradable. Therefore, it is stipulated that non-toxic, degradable and environment-friendly packaging materials or bags should be used for fresh meat, fresh fish, bean products, sauce and brine products and other foods that need to be packaged in the vegetable market, Recycled packaging materials and black or dark toxic thick plastic bags shall not be used

source of information: business travel daily

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