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Men should marry and women should marry. 80 years later, the only children are about to enter the wedding hall. Having a warm and romantic marriage house is the wish of every post-80s person who is about to get married. For this reason, they have become one of the main forces in buying and installing houses. Throughout their decoration style, it can be said that they are full of personality, fashionable and lively, pay attention to details, and have various functions, forming the unique new decoration doctrine of the post-80s generation. The new decoration doctrine is more perceptual than rational in the decoration doctrine, pursues personality more, no longer rigidly distinguishes the functions of the room, no longer installs the ceiling, no longer considers the baby room, and no longer makes the kitchen seem so important &hellip& hellip; However, they will definitely choose the latest decorative materials and spend their time on the lighting. Even if they buy an ashtray, they will also bother to find the one that best suits their personality. Let's experience the characteristics of the new decoration doctrine:

first, the fashionable living room refuses the chandelier

the living room does not need to install a bright chandelier, which will be very rustic. Zhou Jie, 24, and Chen Tao, 26, agreed on the decoration of the new house. After reading dozens of decoration books, they decided to dress up the new house in a romantic and affectionate style. Zhou and Chen believed that the large chandelier in the traditional living room looked very rustic to them. It shone brightly on their heads, like a searchlight, and could not create a romantic atmosphere full of rooms. At the suggestion of the designer, the two bought three large floor lamps and placed them in different corners of the living room

their parents protested against this and felt that the room was dark and not bright at all. At the same time, they think the couple is too wasteful. There are more than a dozen lights in their home, but there is no energy-saving lamp. Although their parents subsidized the house, the head of the household was the young couple themselves after all. The two said in a master's tone: the energy-saving lamp is too ugly, and the chandelier is too earthy! This is the most fashionable way to dress and feel like going home

second, the open kitchen is not open

because there is no need to cook, they go to their parents' house every day, so Li Na and Yan Bing designed the kitchen in the living room to make it an open kitchen. After more than half a year of marriage, there was hardly any delicious food at home. Although there are many pots and pans, almost all of them are new. The refrigerator is also very lonely. It only has the function of keeping fresh fruits and sticking two people's big head stickers. Li Na said with a little embarrassment: the family is often short of salt and rice, and sometimes the spices bought will expire. When I meet Yan Bing, sometimes I'm hungry at night. The best treatment is to make instant noodles





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