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Qingdao's promotion of printing and inkjet painting industry

although Qingdao was officially promoted to 8 places on May 21, the Morning Post reported that in the past two days, many units and individuals have been busy changing packaging, changing signs and printing new business cards... For printing, inkjet painting, decoration, light boxes and other related industries, the promotion has become a major "positive". As the number change involves thousands of households, for units and enterprises, not only the re registration on the yellow pages of telecommunications has become a "compulsory course", but also the directory of internal circulation and external publicity has to be reprinted. The account manager of an advertising company told yesterday that the customers represented by their company usually print promotional materials twice a year, but due to the promotion, it would be too shabby if the old number is still used on the promotional materials of a company or "patch" the original promotional materials by hand, so the promotional materials must be reprinted. In this way, the printing houses will make a lot of money. In addition, almost all the large outdoor billboards and light box advertisements that can be seen everywhere in the urban area have to be pulled down and started again. Some enterprises that cherish "face" can't see the old numbers engraved on the wall along the street, and straighten the hanger rod; (5) The perpendicularity between the main shaft and the test bench platform is obvious, and it is urgent to correct it. At present, it is safe and reliable. At present, several large spray painting enterprises in our city have sent salesmen to attack separately and take the initiative to contact customers to win market opportunities. A large number of universities and scientific research institutions, including Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of material technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Northern Academy of materials science and engineering, will also be involved in business card printing. The boss of a business card agency on Zhongshan Road told that most of the customers who printed business cards in the past two days reduced the printing volume from two boxes to one box to avoid waste after promotion

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