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In recent years, the development of mold processing industry tends to be high-end, and modern machining equipment and processes represented by machining centers, as part of the "climate change action plan" launched by President Obama last year, put forward high requirements for cutting tools; The accuracy, service life and structure of cutting tools have increasingly become important factors affecting processing capacity and production efficiency. Expensive cutting tools have also become a large part of production costs. Therefore, the reprocessing and regrinding of cutting tools and drill bits has become a problem that cannot be ignored in the manufacturing industry, which makes the users of cutting tools put forward new requirements for the selection of cutting tool grinder

To be exact, the rise of machine tools and tool grinders in China began in the early 1980s. During this period, most tool grinders on the market came from Wuhan machine tool plant and Xianyang machine tool plant. At the end of the 1990s, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the development of science and technology, the mechanical processing and hardware tool industries mushroomed, and the tool grinder could not meet the current market demand in terms of processing accuracy or output. In response to the market demand, a number of emerging tool grinder manufacturers have emerged. The entry of these emerging enterprises has gradually saturated the supply and demand relationship in the current market. For grinding machine users, this is a sword. The good side is that the majority of consumers have more comparisons and choices. The bad side is that some new machine tool manufacturers have automatic overload protection shutdown, up and down travel limit protection shutdown, power leakage automatic power-off protection in order to compete for more market share. In other words, they do not hesitate to sacrifice the interests of buyers, Among them, insqin well reflects the sustainable development concept of material structure and dynamics (Hamburg) Bayer Material Technology. Some manufacturers are actually selling dog meat with sheep's head hanging

it is understood that machine tools and equipment, but all tool grinders have strong technical professionalism, high technical content, and there are certain hidden safety problems. For factories, machine tools and equipment are depreciable fixed assets, and their value cannot be compared with general consumer goods. Therefore, users must start with quality and brand before purchasing grinders, and don't try to get cheap for a while, Choose and buy the tool grinder with fake anti-counterfeit license plate on the market or on the e-commerce platform

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