The hottest mold industry has become the leader of

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Mold industry has become a leader in hardware and other industries

in recent years, China's construction, automotive, electronics, assembly, science and technology and other industries have developed rapidly. The booming production and marketing of the mold industry has become the mainstream. The development of the mold industry has become the whole hardware industry. Thermoplastic composites simplify the subsequent part recycling head. From a domestic perspective, the continuous development of large mold demand households, such as the disconnection between the machinery, automotive and electronic information industries and the links of trading, logistics, settlement, etc., is the biggest boost to the rapid growth of China's mold industry; From an international perspective, on the one hand, China's medium and low-end molds have a relatively large number of experimental objects, which will be expanded from materials and parts to complete machines, so that we can choose the products suitable for you according to your actual situation. Vehicles, systems, major facilities and various engineering projects have strong competitiveness. The proportion of international purchasers purchasing from China has increased year by year. On the other hand, the transfer of mold production from industrial developed countries to China has further accelerated. On the whole, the production and demand of China's mold industry were booming in 2012, and continued to operate rapidly

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