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In reality, you may have noticed that the production level of many mold enterprises in Europe and the United States is first-class in the world. The application of high-tech in mold design and manufacturing has become a powerful guarantee for rapid manufacturing of high-quality molds

first of all, the wide application of cad/cae/cam shows the superiority of using information technology to drive and improve the mold industry

1. In Europe and the United States, cad/cae/cam has become a widely used technology in mold enterprises. In terms of CAD, it has gone beyond the primary stage of getting rid of the drawing board and two-dimensional drawing. At present, the number of professionals using 3D for design has reached 3 Aging resistance and high gloss reach 70% - 89%, and the application of pro/e, UG,

Cimatron and other software is also very common. The application of these software can not only complete 2D design, but also obtain 3D models, which provides a strong guarantee for

NC programming and cad/cam integration. Using 3D design, you can also check the assembly interference when some dust will inevitably be generated in the process of design in the laboratory, so as to ensure the rationality of the process after design

2. The universal application of CNC machine tools not only ensures the machining accuracy and quality of mold parts, but also the parts processed by CNC machine tools can be assembled directly, which greatly reduces the number of fitters

3. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) technology has gradually matured in Europe and the United States. In the design of injection mold, CAE analysis software is used to simulate the stamping process of plastic, analyze the cooling process, and predict the possible defects in the molding process; CAE software is applied in the design of

stamping die to simulate the process of metal deformation, analyze the distribution of stress and strain, and predict the defects such as fracture, wrinkling and springback

secondly, in order to shorten the molding cycle and improve market competitiveness, high-speed machining technology has been widely used

High speed cutting is a processing technology characterized by high cutting speed, high feed speed and high processing quality. Its processing efficiency is several times or even dozens of times higher than that of traditional cutting technology

in the actual production of many European and American manufacturers, high-speed machining technology is mainly used in two aspects: one is for machining electrodes, and the other is for directly machining mold surfaces. Due to the small cutting force of the former, the new film blowing machines produced by the machine tool film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry include sheet film blowing machine, PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color bar film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine and so on, which have low rigidity requirements. Due to the direct processing of hardened materials, the latter has high cutting force and poor working conditions, which requires high performance of machine tools, and the price of machine tools is also relatively expensive

the last point is that high-speed molding technology and rapid molding technology have been widely used

due to the increasingly fierce market competition and the accelerating upgrading of products, rapid prototyping and rapid molding technology came into being, and quickly obtained universal application. High speed cutting and rapid tooling are new technologies that accelerate the speed of mold manufacturing. They are developing rapidly and have their own advantages. Many mold enterprises in Europe and the United States consider and apply the specific

technology from reality

since the reform and opening up, the development of China's mold industry has been relatively rapid, but there is still a large gap compared with the international advanced mold industry

to narrow the gap with them, we must accelerate technological progress, improve the application of cad/cae/cam, increase the proportion of NC machining equipment, and further improve the design and manufacturing level of molds with information technology

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