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On July 7, 2009, China Plastics spot HDPE Market Overview

China Plastics price index rose 6.23 points to 986.17 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 3.22 points to 1013.35 points

I. upstream dynamics:

the settlement price of NYMEX August light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract fell $2.68 to $64.05 a barrel, down 4%. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract in August on the ICE Futures Exchange fell $1.56, or 2.4%, to $64.05 a barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Shanghai Jinfei PE device produces tr210. Shanghai Jinfei PE inventory is general, and now it is priced for sale

Sinopec North China branch's HDPE inventory is general, mainly priced at the beginning of the month. 5000S is settled at 10650 yuan/ton per day

PetroChina South China HDPE has less inventory and is now priced for sale. 9455f and l5202 are out of stock. Daqing 2200j reported 10300 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan. Lanzhou 60550 reported 10400 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan. Fushun 2911 reported 10400 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan

the overall inventory of HDPE in CNPC East China is general, and now it is sold at a fixed price. Dushanzi 6070 is out of stock. Lanzhou 60550 reported 10400 yuan/ton, 6 experimental machines with electrical control, up 200 yuan. Fushun 2911 reported 10300 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan. Daqing 2200j reported 10400 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan

III. local market conditions:

the quotation of China Plastics spot Mall () HDPE is mainly stable, and only some brands rise or fall slightly, with a range of yuan/ton. Hdpe/5301b/Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10680 yuan/ton, down 20 yuan/ton. Hdpe/5301e/Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10800 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan

the PE market in Hangzhou rose slightly, the transaction was general, and the atmosphere seemed to be not as good as yesterday morning. Traders followed the market and shipped more actively. Jilin 9455f and Shanghai Petrochemical mh602 are out of stock

today, businesses in Guangzhou PE market wait and see the petrochemical price policy. It is reported that Sinopec Sales South China company has the intention to increase the price. At present, it has not released goods to dealers. For the time being, the market quotation is not much, and the price is still likely to be further higher

today's merchants in Shunde PE market expect that Sinopec Sales in South China will continue to raise prices, and the market price will rise by about yuan/ton in advance. It is reported that today's market inquiry is OK

the current price of PE market in Shantou continues to rise, with an increase of 50 yuan/ton. The market supply is small, especially the supply of imported materials. It is reported that Sinopec South China has the intention to adjust the price today, and the middleman's inquiry is OK, but the intention to accept the offer is lower than that in the early stage

the price of PE market in Shanghai continued to rise in the morning, but the hype atmosphere was obvious, Its scientific name is (1) the detection of cable faults has become a problem that must be solved. There are signs of cooling transactions. Most traders are actively shipping, but some traders have fewer sources of goods today and continue to limit them.

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