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Good mold market environment promotes the progress of processing machine tools

mold is widely used in a series of fields such as industrial parts manufacturing. At present, the rapid growth of mold business has provided some growth impetus for the machine tool industry. At the same time, due to the improvement of mold technical requirements, the technical requirements of machine tools are increased synchronously (1) high strength

as we all know, molds are produced in one piece and have specific users. Their process characteristics are to participate in the design of products (mold parts). Each mold product is complex, with a large number of processing procedures and high unit price

especially in the manufacturing process of the mold, it is necessary to carry out the design of the combination of innovation and modification according to the user's requirements, and it is also necessary to constantly modify and adjust in the whole process of installation and commissioning. Its timely monitoring is extremely important, which puts forward special requirements for the mold processing equipment and measuring equipment

at present, the key development direction of mold manufacturing is 3D mold design, analysis and manufacturing; Mold software functions are integrated, networked and intelligent; The graphitization of mold production; Single piece high-precision parallel processing; Less human and unmanned processing. The CNC machine tool is required to meet the requirements of high speed, high dynamic accuracy, high rigidity, thermal stability and high reliability. The supporting control system has personalized characteristics, and various advanced software can realize openness and compatibility for the overall operation of the machine tool

the demand of mold market development for processing equipment

for a period of time, the mold industry's demand for mold processing equipment mainly includes the following varieties: numerical control machining center, numerical control milling and numerical control profiling milling machine, EDM forming machine with deflection value accurate to 0.1mm, wire cutting machine, coordinate grinder, coordinate boring machine, boring milling machine, forming grinder, optical curve grinder, band sawing machine, deep hole drill, electrode machining machine, engraving machine, polishing machine Mold closing machine, three coordinate measuring machine, scanner, special machine for processing mold standard parts, high-performance heat treatment equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, various cutting tools and grinding machines, mold CAD, cam, CAE, PDM and other software, computer workstation and microcomputer, etc

high end molds promote the development of numerical control

with the continuous development of the application of advanced technologies such as concurrent engineering and reverse engineering in mold processing, mold processing puts forward the requirements of digital transmission and transformation, multi axis linkage, high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility, automation and other aspects for CNC machines; The requirements of high efficiency, low loss, high precision, mirror machining, EDM NC milling and machining center are put forward for EDM equipment; For the three coordinate measuring machine, the requirements of high precision, high speed (measuring many sizes in a certain time), easy operation, three-dimensional scanning digital system, low-voltage contact and non-contact measurement, high flexibility and measurement on site, strong software function and so on are put forward. In short, mold processing equipment should enable mold enterprises to achieve high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and even automatic processing, and try to meet the requirements of mold manufacturing for high quality, low cost, long life and short cycle

in the face of the world mold market, especially the high-end market, which is a big cake with broad prospects, China's mold and machine tool enterprises urgently need to understand the latest changes in the market. In view of the development status of the mold industry, they should develop relevant mold and machine tool products, seize the market, and expand the space for their industry, so as to facilitate the working principle of their electronic universal experimental machine, small tensile test motor gas, debug the display to zero value, and develop healthily in the future

however, according to insiders, in a short time, due to the accumulation of high-end machine tool talents and technology in China, the situation of large-scale import of foreign high-end machine tools will not change, and China's dependence on the import of high-end mold machine tools will continue in the short term

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