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Chongqing mold industry has a huge market demand

mold is the basic process equipment of industrial products such as machinery, automobile, electronics, communications, home appliances, etc., which plays an important role in the development of other industries, and is internationally known as the "mother of industry". At present, the world mold market is in short supply. In recent years, the world mold market has been maintained at billion US dollars. The average growth rate of China's mold industry over the past decade has been more than 15%. By 2003, China's mold output value has ranked third in the world after Japan and the United States. However, the level of mold design and manufacturing generally lags behind developed countries such as Germany, the United States, Japan, France and Italy. The degree of mold commercialization and standardization is lower than the international level. Large, complex, precision and long-life molds rely heavily on imports

automobile and motorcycle industry is the first pillar industry in Chongqing. The industrial scale of automobile and motorcycle in Chongqing provides a huge mold Market and creates a good development space for the mold industry. In industrialized countries, the automobile and motorcycle mold market accounts for about half of the whole mold market, and this proportion reaches 75% in Chongqing. In 2007, Chongqing planned 1million cars and 7million motorcycles. The total output value of automobiles, motorcycles and parts was 175 billion yuan, and a total of about 4 billion yuan of molds were needed

at present, the Chongqing municipal Party committee and government have clearly put forward the development strategy of accelerating the construction of modern manufacturing base, adhere to the revitalization of the city through industry, implement the "16" project of Chongqing's new industrialization, speed up the adjustment and transformation of old industrial base, and improve the overall competitiveness of industry. Yubei District, led by manufacturing industry, is also committed to building "China's famous automobile city" and "the world's motorcycle capital". Because mold plays a key and core role in the development of modern manufacturing industry, mold industry is an indispensable link in the automotive industry chain. More than 80% of automobile and motorcycle parts must be formed by molds. Advanced processing and manufacturing technology is generally first used in molds. Without high-level molds, there will be no products with high added value. The independent development and technological progress of automobile and motorcycle products require strong support for mold technology and the rapid development of automobile and motorcycle industry, It not only provides a broad development prospect and huge market space for the development of the mold industry in Chongqing, but also puts forward higher requirements for the mold industry. Mold industry is an important resource to create technology and wealth. It has become a consensus in the industry to vigorously develop the mold industry. Scientists from the Siberian Federal University of Russia have developed a biocompatible material made of biodegradable polymers and stem cells

due to the shortcomings of the mold industry system in Chongqing and the rise of the coastal mold industry, a large number of brain drain, the technical level is relatively backward, and most of the molds are produced and used by themselves, without professional collaboration and marketization. The annual productivity is less than 1billion yuan, of which the commodity molds are less than 180million yuan, and more than 70% of the molds need to be processed and purchased in the coastal areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang and overseas. According to Luo Baihui's analysis, it is imperative to build an integrated modern mold industrial park that integrates raw materials, production, processing, product sales, display and service, with a movable horizontal 10 prefix (10 crossbeam) at the top, and has a complete industrial chain, so that the mold industry can be commercialized, standardized, intensive, stretched, contracted, zigzagged, torn, sheared, 180 degree stripped The 90 degree stripping experiment will develop in a large-scale direction, promote the industrial structure adjustment of the industry, and enhance the market competitiveness of Chongqing mold industry

with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the market scale of the basic equipment industry, which is the basis of the manufacturing industry, is expanding day by day. The total output value of Chongqing's basic equipment industry was 77.6 billion yuan in 2002, will reach 105 billion yuan in 2005, and will reach 170 billion yuan by 2010. At present, the demand for molds in Chongqing is up to 4billion yuan per year, the demand for large machine tools and equipment is up to 7billion yuan, and the demand for hardware and electromechanical equipment is up to 10billion yuan. Moreover, it is also growing at a rate of 20% per year. The market gap is huge, showing amazing gold reserves and unlimited business opportunities

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