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Mold development to a higher level puts forward special requirements for processing machine tools

the production scale of China's mold industry now accounts for nearly 10% of the world's total, ranking third in the world, second only to Japan and the United States. With the rapid development of China's mold industry, the demand for machine tools and other processing equipment has increased greatly, which also puts forward higher technical requirements for machine tool enterprises

as we all know, the main types of molds produced in single pieces and with straightening devices are: roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type); Pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley block); The use of recycled plastics in building materials can reach the corresponding standards, and can obtain good mechanical and physical properties. Therefore, it will be more and more widely used in construction projects. The development of recycled plastic modified building materials has a very broad prospect. Its process is characterized by participating in the design of products (mold parts). Each mold product is complex, the amount of processing procedures is large, and the unit price is high

especially in the manufacturing process of the mold, it is necessary to carry out the design of the combination of innovation and modification according to the user's requirements, and it is also necessary to constantly modify and adjust in the whole process of installation and commissioning. Its timely monitoring is extremely important, which puts forward special requirements for the mold processing equipment and measuring equipment. At present, the key development direction of mold manufacturing is three-dimensional mold design, analysis and manufacturing; Mold software functions are integrated, networked and intelligent; The graphitization of mold production; Single piece high-precision parallel processing; Less human and unmanned processing. The CNC machine tool is required to meet the requirements of high-speed and high dynamic 23. PP pipes for water supply: some parameters qb/t 1929 ⑵ 006 polypropylene (PP) pipes for buried water supply have the characteristics of precision, high rigidity, thermal stability and high reliability. The supporting control system has personalized characteristics, and various advanced software realize openness and compatibility for the overall operation of the machine tool

electric machining machine tools are important equipment for mold processing. Since more than 80% of electric machining equipment is used for mold processing, most domestic and foreign electric machining equipment enterprises develop electric machining equipment according to the needs of the mold industry. In 2007, China imported 3336 sets of electrical processing equipment, and the average price of imported electrical processing machine tools is 80000 US dollars, which is similar to the average price of imported vertical processing centers. The medium-range models of Korean machine tools and Taiwan, China machine tools have good cost performance and are very attractive to domestic mold enterprises

industry experts believe that with the development of molds to a higher level, special requirements for processing equipment include:

first, the increasing size of formed parts and the high productivity of parts require that the first mock examination has multiple cavities, resulting in the increasing size of molds. Large tonnage large molds can reach 100 tons, and the first mock examination has hundreds of cavities and thousands of cavities. Mold processing is required. It was learned from Nankai University that the equipment should have a large workbench and increase the travel of Y-axis and z-axis, It should also have large load-bearing, high rigidity and high consistency; Second, with the increase of hardness of die steel materials, die processing equipment is required to have thermal stability and high reliability; Third, for complex cavities and multi-functional composite molds, with the complexity of the shape of the workpiece, it is necessary to improve the design and manufacturing level of the mold. The multi-functional composite mold with multiple grooves and materials formed or assembled into components in a set of molds requires a large amount of processing programming programs, high comprehensive cutting ability and high stability of deep cavities, which improves the processing difficulty; Fourth, the refinement of mold processing makes the complexity and efficiency of processing equipment more attractive. High speed milling has many advantages, such as machining high hard materials, stable processing, small cutting force, small workpiece temperature rise deformation and so on, which makes mold enterprises pay more and more attention to high-speed machining; Fifth, the high-precision machining of three-dimensional surface of the mold puts forward the requirements of high dynamic precision performance. High speed and high precision can only be achieved with the cooperation of high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high-quality control system of the machine tool; Sixth, the combination of processing technology and green product technology has been taken into account when enterprises purchase equipment; Seventh, the compound application of various measurement technologies, high-speed measurement and reverse engineering have become the development direction of promoting mold to participate in product development and design technology

experts in the mold industry pointed out that the mold manufacturing capacity and level has become an important symbol of the national innovation ability, and whether the mold manufacturing equipment is sophisticated is directly related to the mold technology level. Therefore, it is hoped that domestic machine tool enterprises can pay attention to this potential market and provide more high-level processing equipment for China's mold industry

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