The hottest mold industry base in China is booming

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China's mold industry base is booming

due to the depression of foreign markets, a large number of foreign mold lists have poured into developing countries, which provides many opportunities for some mold enterprises. In China, the major mold industry bases have expanded rapidly and injected new vitality, which has made the base carry out vividly and the mold industry prosperous. Due to the sluggish foreign market, a large number of foreign mold lists have poured into developing countries, which provides many opportunities for some mold enterprises. In China, the major mold industry bases have expanded rapidly and injected new vitality, which has made the base carry out vividly and the mold industry prosperous

Shanghai mold enterprises have large scale, high technical level, many mold varieties and strong interaction effect. The proportion of enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million is relatively large. At present, there are more than 1500 mold enterprises with more than 70000 employees. The annual output value is 10.5 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. By 2010, the total output value has reached about 20billion yuan, and the mold industry base in Shanghai has expanded rapidly

the import volume will be reduced by 30% from the current 290million US dollars, which will increase the output value of the industry by about 700million yuan, and the export volume will reach 130million US dollars, which will increase the output value of the industry by 600million yuan. Shanghai mold industry will face six major industries and key industries, especially information (it) industry and automobile industry, and vigorously develop precision magnesium alloy die-casting mold and precision injection mold in IT industry; Auto industry covering parts mold, large parts die-casting mold, precision stamping parts multi station progressive die. In 2013, 85% of the molds in the IT industry were localized, and 90% of the automobile molds were localized. According to incomplete statistics of Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, there are nearly 70 mold enterprises producing automobile stamping, plastic, die casting and other molds in Shanghai, with an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. Private enterprises such as Huazhuang, Yifeng, Qianyuan, Huangyan, Xiangli; Joint ventures such as Diyuan, Visteon and Xiaosi; Most Taiwan funded enterprises such as Lianheng, Hongxu, tailitong, geodata, etc. have an annual output value of more than 50million yuan, of which 10 enterprises have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, and some enterprises have an annual growth rate of 100%, becoming the main vehicle in Shanghai's automotive mold industry. In order to form the independent design, development and manufacturing capacity of car outer panel mold as soon as possible, SAIC Group and sekely company, the largest manufacturer of car outer panel in the United States, have jointly established Shanghai secoli automobile mold technology application Co., Ltd., and established the largest car outer panel mold design and manufacturing base in China, with a total investment of 92million US dollars and an annual output of 210 sets of large molds, which has been launched. Shanghai mold industry is characterized by large enterprise scale, high technical level, many mold varieties and strong interaction effect

Zhejiang mold industry is mainly concentrated in Ningbo and Taizhou. Yuyao, Ninghai, Cixi and Yinzhou in Ningbo mainly produce plastic molds, while Beilun mainly produces die-casting molds; Xiangshan and Zhoushan mainly use casting and stamping dies. Taizhou mold enterprises are mainly concentrated in Huangyan and Luqiao, with plastic molds accounting for the majority. Luo Baihui found that almost all mold production enterprises in Zhejiang are private enterprises, and mold enterprises are relatively concentrated, which has formed a mold market. High-level molds are developing rapidly, and the mold industry has obvious characteristics: first, mold production enterprises are almost private enterprises; Second, mold enterprises are relatively concentrated and have formed a mold Market; Third, while meeting the needs of users at different levels, high-level molds are developing rapidly, and have occupied a large proportion. 3. The oil needle of the buffer of the spring fatigue testing machine is adjusted too small, and the proportion of the oil needle should be adjusted again; Fourth, a number of high-quality key enterprises have emerged through many entrepreneurship; Fifth, it has naturally formed a professional division of labor, with obvious characteristics of major enterprises; Sixth, the development of mold industry has an obvious pulling effect on the industrial development of the local and surrounding areas

Jiangsu: the mold industry in Suzhou has developed rapidly. Recently, there are nearly 1000 mold factories of various types, with an annual sales of about 5billion yuan. The mold industry has become one of the emerging industries in the city. There are many wholly-owned and joint ventures in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as many private mold enterprises. Suzhou lanpei foundry, Yuanqing mould and other enterprises mainly produce die-casting moulds and moulds for automobile engines, wheel hubs and other components; Kunshan Zhongda mold base, Kunshan Precision Mold standard parts, Kunshan Huaxing mold guide parts and other enterprises specializing in the production of various large mold base, mold guide parts, mold springs and other standard parts

Anhui: at present, it has a number of mold products with high domestic popularity, such as large cavity injection mold for washing machines and air conditioners, blister foaming mold for refrigerators, high-speed progressive mold for lamination of motor stator and rotor, and some of them have a market share of more than 30%. Automobile structural parts and interior trim molds have been stably used in the development of new models of Shanghai Volkswagen; Rubber tire mold has been recognized by major domestic tire enterprises; Mold standard parts and mold material bases have also been formed. A number of dynamic private mold enterprises are rising, and the gathering area of mold manufacturing is forming. Chuzhou has become an important manufacturing base for blister foaming molds for refrigerators. Ningguo is a rubber mold gathering area. Xuanzhou and Wuhu are important manufacturing and supply bases for auto parts, mainly sheet metal stamping molds. Bengbu has unique thick plate stamping progressive molds, and Hefei has certain advantages in injection molds, auto molds and rapid tooling

Shandong: the mold industry has seen a situation in which state-owned and private enterprises go hand in hand. The large household appliance molds produced by Haier and Hisense are in a leading position in China, and their products have reached the international advanced level. Haier mold company is now developing towards large-scale automobile injection molds, with an output value of 350million yuan. Aikai molds are almost exported. Foton Weifang mold, mojitai, Taili, Yantai auto mold, Xuhai auto mold, Shouguang Wanlong and other auto mold enterprises have accounted for 40% of the total output value of Shandong market. Haomai Machinery Co., Ltd. created and produced a large-scale all steel radial rubber tire flexible mold, with an output value of 250million yuan, which is also exported in large quantities. In addition, Wantong mold company has a 2-year history, with a total output value of 20million yuan alone, which has opened a new way for the development of private (101) building waterproof and plugging materials enterprises. Now the whole province has formed a complete set of automobile mold supporting production chain

Fujian: molds are mainly household appliance injection molds and shoe molds, among which companies represented by Xiahua, Hongda, Fumo, Jinjiang Guangyu, Dongfang, Furi, Xinguang, Shengya, xinwenda, maishide, etc. have become well-known mold enterprises in China. Some mold enterprises have reached the international advanced level of eventually realizing a strong industrial chain

the molds in Fujian Province show a scene of vigorous development and the cross-section strip texture is no longer obvious. Fujian Province has become one of the top ten import and export mold provinces and cities in China. In 2004, Fujian Province imported molds of US $75.13 million and exported molds of US $13.02 million. In the first half of 2005, imported molds of US $26.63 million and exported molds of US $7.85 million. In addition, the cultivation of mold talents in Fujian is quite large, such as Fuzhou University, Fujian Institute of engineering, Fujian Institute of information technology, etc

Sichuan: there are more than 2000 mold enterprises in the province, with an annual output value of nearly 3 billion yuan, distributed in machinery, electronics, military industry, aerospace, nuclear industry, light industry, transportation and other fields. Sichuan used to be the rear area of China's industry, and a large number of military industrial enterprises have advanced production means and strong technical force. Therefore, a large number of mold enterprises with advanced level have also emerged, such as Hongming Shuangxin, Dongfang Electric machinery, aerospace molding, aviation development tooling, Chengdu aviation machinery Co., Ltd., Xingguang mold, Changhong Machinery Factory, Huafeng wireless power plant, Guangyuan 4512 factory, Xuguang electronic tube factory, Tianxing instrument factory, etc, Private enterprises such as Tian Yuan mold, Zhongfei mold, Shangming mold, etc., especially foreign-funded enterprises such as Herbie, Baoligen, MOLEX and other companies, have joined the force. It is distributed in Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Leshan and other places. Relying on their strong production and scientific research strength, they have manufactured auto panel molds, stamping molds, plastic molds, die-casting molds, plastic sealing molds, and connectors, many of which have reached the advanced level at home and abroad. In particular, Yibin Pushi mold company pursues first-class software and hardware and development and manufacturing capacity, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, which reflects the strength and prospects of the mold industry in Sichuan Province. Its advantages are: 1. It has a strong economic foundation; 2. Strong development ability; 3. Have exquisite processing technology; 4. There is a broad mold Market; 5. There is a high degree of concern and support from the government

Chongqing: it is an old industrial base in China, with strong strength in machinery, military industry, instrumentation and other industries. In recent years, the rise of its automobile and motorcycle industry has promoted the rapid development of stamping, plastic, die-casting and other molds. It not only has strong mold production strength in automobile and motorcycle production and supporting plants, but also has established a mold industrial park with an area of 3000 mu in Jiangbei, which is attracting a large number of domestic and foreign mold enterprises, and will promote the greater development of Chongqing mold industry. The advantages are: 1. A solid foundation of mold industry; 2. Strong market demand; 3. Rich human resources; 4. A perfect supporting system; 5. A strong industrial atmosphere

as both Sichuan and Chongqing are developing modern manufacturing industries and taking the realization of new industrialization as the focus of regional economic development, the two places are mainly in the field of electronic information, precision molds and large and medium-sized complex molds in the field of automobile industry, resulting in strong complementarity. If we can strengthen the combination with the East, we can have greater complementarity

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