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Is Lenovo second a flash in the pan

Editor's note: as an enterprise starting from traditional PC, Lenovo established its mobile Internet strategy in 2010. Three years have passed, how are Lenovo's achievements? The latest data from Sano shows that Lenovo's overall market share has reached 11%, surpassing Nokia; The smart market share reached 13%, surpassing Huawei and other manufacturers, and becoming the second largest brand in the Chinese market. How does Lenovo achieve overtaking on curves? Can Lenovo maintain its second share or seek more market share? With these questions, Sohu it interviewed Liu Jun, senior vice president of Lenovo Group and President of midh

Liu Jun

on July 25, Sony Walkman and Kodak film cameras, which were once popular all over the world, are almost invisible today, while Apple iPod and Japanese SLR cameras sell well all over the world. Facts have proved that every change in the IT industry will bring opportunities to some emerging enterprises, and if the original enterprises do not seize the time to transform, the outcome may decline like Kodak

the era of mainframe has made IBM company; In the process of transforming from mainframe to personal PC, the industrial chain companies of Wintel alliance began to rise, and Intel, Microsoft, Acer and other companies became technology giants in the IT industry; In the process of transforming from personal PC to the Internet era, Google, Baidu and other Internet companies have been achieved

similar industrial changes are taking place. Analysts predict that people are facing a field many times larger than the Internet era, that is, the mobile Internet market. Data from various authoritative analysis institutions show that the era of mobile Internet has arrived

gartner data shows that global PC shipments have experienced a rare negative growth. Another report comes from CNNIC, which said it has become the largest online terminal in China. China is one of the most important global IT markets. This means that the traditional PC industry is facing an inflection point. Mobile Internet has become interested, while traditional PC has entered a period of slow development

traditional PC for change? Abandon PC or PC +

PC enterprises represented by HP, Lenovo, Acer and Dell all recognize the necessity of transformation, but their playing methods are different. HP once wanted to give up PC business and turn to more profitable enterprise business; Dell aims at the IT service market and deliberately downplays its image as a PC manufacturer

in comparison, Lenovo and Acer play the same way: on the basis of doing a good job in PC, extend the product line, and enter the field of intelligent and tablet computers at the same time

Lenovo is an enterprise with firm transformation, and creatively put forward the pc+ strategy. Previously, the industry heard more assertions about the post PC era. In Lenovo's pc+ strategy, a blueprint that includes PC, smart, tablet and smart TV is being built

intelligence has undoubtedly become Lenovo's pc+ strategy and can be tested and analyzed according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international standards; These loading racks can be equipped with various fixtures and extensometers used to test standard samples. Lenovo established the midh group (Lenovo Mobile Internet and digital home business group) headed by Liu Jun. According to the schedule of the group, Lenovo will launch one smart phone in 2010, 26 smart phones in 2011 and more than 40 smart phones in 2012

the latest data from Sano shows that Lenovo's overall market share has reached 11%, surpassing Nokia; The smart market share reached 13%, surpassing Huawei and other manufacturers, and becoming the second largest brand in the Chinese market

analysis of association mode? Bundle operators + attract developers to make apps

before Lenovo launched the first generation of Le phone, many people regarded Lenovo as a layman in the industry. Lenovo will face not only upstarts like apple, but also the siege of established manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and Tianyu. Analysts are not very optimistic about traditional PC manufacturers

the industry's concerns are not superfluous. The reason is that although Lenovo has gained advantages on the PC side, its trading practices are different from those of PC, involving operators, partners (Qualcomm, MediaTek), R & D, channels, developers and other levels

in terms of operator cooperation, Lenovo has launched three major operator systems. In China's communications industry, there is also a saying that operators win the world. With the help of operator bundling, manufacturers can obtain sales. It is reported that Lenovo's competitors are also imitating this practice. It is reported that the chairman of Acer recently held a secret meeting with operators, hoping to get support

Liu Jun revealed in a dialogue with Sohu it that at present, Lenovo products rank first in both Unicom customized machines and mobile customized machines, and also rank top among telecom customized machines

years of layout from the PC industry has brought convenience to Lenovo's promotion. It is reported that in many Lenovo sales channels, Lenovo Le phone and Lenovo PC are placed together for users to choose. In addition, the operator channel has also become one of Lenovo's important channels

in terms of positioning, Lenovo not only cooperates with Qualcomm to launch medium and high-end Le phone series products, but also cooperates with MediaTek to launch a large number of best-selling models with about 1000 yuan. For example, Lenovo A60 has achieved a monthly sales of more than one million

whether it can get the support of developers is the key to the success of intelligence. Compared with tradition, intelligence pays more attention to the user's PU material, which can print highly complex component tests, rather than hardware parameters. In this regard, Lenovo has specially built Le app store and set up a fund of hundreds of millions of yuan to support developers

in 2010, Lenovo launched Le fund to support the growth of Chinese local application development enterprises. Le fund invested 100million yuan in the first phase, which was operated and managed by the professional investment team of Lenovo holdings. As an angel investment, Le fund will focus on supporting start-up and early-stage enterprises developing mobile Internet applications and services

Liu Jun said in a dialogue with Sohu it that the Lenovo app store has more than 70000 apps, with nearly 10 million downloads per month. The latest data is that the Lenovo Music App store has downloaded more than 100million times. When referring to the strategy of building Le store, Liu Jun stressed that Lenovo adheres to the Android + strategy and adds Lenovo's own software to the original Android system

domestic ranking

Lenovo trading mode: can success be sustainable

the latest data of Sano shows that Lenovo's overall market share has reached 11%, surpassing Nokia; The intelligent market share has reached 13%, surpassing Huawei and other manufacturers. The usual loading speed range is 0.001~20 in/Min (1in.=2.54cm), becoming the second largest brand in the Chinese market

another data from Analysys shows that Huawei is still the second smart manufacturer. However, both Sano and Analysys data show that Lenovo has become a leading brand in the Chinese industry

on the day of the release of Sano data, there was a general voice in the IT industry questioning: how far can Lenovo go? How long can Lenovo's second place victory last? Is this an intelligent tug of war or a war of annihilation

Liu Jun said in a dialogue with Sohu it that Lenovo is the fastest-growing brand among manufacturers. Last year, Lenovo intelligence's share was about 1 percentage point, and this year it has reached 13 percentage points. We believe that Lenovo's market share in China will continue to grow

Liu Jun predicts that Lenovo will surpass it in oneortwo years and become the leading manufacturer in domestic market share. In this regard, Liu Jun detailed the way of Lenovo to Sohu it

speed has become Lenovo's core competitiveness, including R & D speed and supply chain speed. Liu Jun said that intelligence is more like PC than tradition. Therefore, the delivery time of products has become particularly important. Whoever can enter the market first will have the first opportunity

at this stage, the patent dispute lawsuit between apple and Samsung is in full swing all over the world. Analysts said that apple did not expect to use patent litigation to completely prevent Samsung from entering the market competing with Apple products, but to use patent litigation to delay the entry of competitors' products into the market

it can be seen that preemption becomes particularly important. According to Liu Jun, Lenovo's first best-selling model, A60 color MTK solution, took only five months from design to research and development to market. According to the normal process, intelligent models with the same configuration often take months to prepare. Therefore, Lenovo was three or four months ahead of its competitors, thus seizing the first opportunity and occupying the 1000 yuan machine market

during the interview, Liu Jun believed that one of the important factors for Lenovo's success is to take advantage of the situation. The use and development trend of Jinan test spring tension and compression testing machine is a bit like the rise of Lenovo's PC industry. In those years, the development of personal computers and the Internet economy gave birth to the prosperity of the PC industry. Today, the outbreak of mobile Internet gives Lenovo opportunities

during the dialogue with Sohu it, Liu Jun revealed that Lenovo has been considering international expansion and has taken some steps, such as Lenovo's introduction of intelligence in the Russian market. According to the plan of Lenovo Group, Lenovo will adopt the strategy of emerging markets first and mature markets later. This year, the focus will be on Russia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam

at the end of the interview, Liu Jun stressed that our primary task is to do a good job in the domestic market first. In order to enter the international market, Lenovo does not rule out the strategy of interview, acquisition and merger

previously, Lenovo executives have repeatedly claimed that mergers and acquisitions have become the core competitiveness of Lenovo Group. Judging from the merger and acquisition history of Lenovo Group, Lenovo has successfully completed the integration with IBM in the United States, NEC in Japan and MEDION in Germany. Of course, the above integration is all around PC

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