Is the most thermal power just to sell electricity

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Is the electricity reform just to sell electricity

answer: of course not! On the one hand, the national promotion is to break the monopoly. On the other hand, the original intention of purchasing pressure testing machine is to realize the optimal allocation of resources (especially the high-efficiency and energy-saving granulator is the terminator of waste plastics, clean energy) if necessary because the hydraulic fixture is relatively difficult to operate manually. In the future, the park must be a model of integrated smart energy, and all energy will be uniformly dispatched and recycled. Electricity, heat, cold and pressure are constantly being recycled and reconverted. Coupled with the peak shaving and valley filling of the electric heat cold energy storage device, the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy will reach between (). At that time, electricity sales will provide cheap energy for the integrated energy system, and the profit generated by the "n-time sales" mode of energy cascade utilization is far beyond imagination

Q: what is the core of power reform

answer: the core of electricity reform is to restore the commodity attribute of electricity. If the electricity price management mode remains unchanged, the reform will not achieve real results. Electricity prices are completely set by the state, and there are various social price increases. People don't want to move the coal price and the sales electricity price. The accumulated price distortion and the failure of the economic evaluation system are becoming more and more serious. The failure of price signal leads to the more obvious characteristics of economic investment pull. Under the distorted electricity price and the impulse of local investment, it is difficult to say that many power projects are made of excellent thermosetting molded sheets

Q: how to speed up the pace of power reform

answer: 1. Improve the market trading mechanism and improve the utilization rate of resources

2. Establish the formation of market-oriented pricing mechanism

3. Establish a development mechanism to promote the development and utilization of new and renewable energy

4. Actively respond to national policies and establish the healthy development of power marketization

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