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UAV law enforcement leads to controversy. Is it a benefit or a disadvantage

on March 5, it was reported that UAV, which is also a new one in recent decades, has been used in many industries since its emergence. Recently, this UAV has been applied to traffic law enforcement after too long-term development. In many areas, UAV has been used to capture illegal parking. The law enforcement has been greatly strengthened, attracting the vigilance of many car owners. After all, there are a lot of people who drive and park illegally now

then someone must have questioned this law enforcement. Is it suitable for drone law enforcement? Many people feel that Drones will definitely be used for many purposes, and the current drone law enforcement is only one of them. Even if there are problems later, they can be improved. It's not a big problem. After all, the times are moving forward

unmanned aerial vehicle, referred to as unmanned aerial vehicle for short, is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control devices, or operated completely or indirectly by self-contained computers

UAVs may be put into use in a large area in the future, not only in agriculture, aerial photography, rescue, but also in many industries. For example, in the future, unmanned aerial vehicles can perform express delivery, and in the military, unmanned aerial vehicles cooperate with artificial intelligence, which can be used when cleaning the battlefield or when exploring unknown regions. Unmanned aerial vehicles are a kind of technology, which is a kind of transformation towards the high-tech era. In the near future, unmanned aerial vehicles may become more powerful, or the research and development of large unmanned aerial vehicles will be successful. At that time, unmanned aerial vehicles may appear in our corner

the current UAV only plans to provide 1billion euros in funding within 10 years. It is used for relatively simple and not too complex work, but if a large UAV is really developed, it may be used for more complex and difficult work at that time. We can imagine that the UAV at that time has a huge mechanical arm, which can help the helicopter refuel, Or sponge floating fishing, including filled and reinforced unfilled materials and hard thermoplastic plates. Or carry out military rescue in the battlefield. There are many technologies that we can imagine and realize, so technology will make our life better. I believe many people know about unmanned aerial vehicles, but many people may not know about unmanned aerial vehicles, and "unmanned aerial vehicles: knowing this is enough" has related content. Japan: man-made fibers can clean up uremic toxins, you can have a look

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