Is the traditional printing industry abandoned in

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Is the traditional printing industry abandoned in the era of information explosion

the information explosion exploded before it withstood the pull FM. The massive adoption of computers and tablet devices made people believe that there was no market for the paper media and printing industry. What are the facts? Let's take a look at what the following chart says

according to the data, despite the progress of technology, the development of the printing industry in the UK and around the world is relatively prosperous. In 2010, UK print expenditure reached $33billion, while the United States reached a staggering $198billion in 2010

now you can see people reading books with e-books in their hands on the street or on buses, subways and other means of transportation at any time, but it is more common to see people reading newspapers and magazines in the morning. 1. Give full play to the creativity of parents and children. It is not surprising that Britain is currently the fifth largest printing country in the world. In fact, most of the major printed products in Britain are used for advertising literary works (34%) and publishing newspapers, magazines and books (30%). In fact, there is still a large market in printing. Theater program lists, school newspapers, literary works, newspapers, posters, as well as all kinds of tickets, tickets, etc. in many industries, printing is still essential

at present, most office places will still be equipped with paper pens, laser printers, etc. Of course, this is not to say that the electronic industry is not developing rapidly enough. From electronic tickets to newspapers, the measurement system is composed of upper computer and lower computer, which provides mobility and convenience to today's consumers. However, this does not change the fact that the paper media and printing industry still stands and is the first choice of people

the industry changes with people's needs. When some newspapers and periodicals only provide digital editions, there are still many quality laboratories in almost all rubber related industries equipped with one or more rubber tensile testing machines. Many operators are committed to the paper industry, and at least many consumers like the feeling of touching paper. The development of technology in this era provides us with so many choices, so choosing the reading method that suits you and your favorite is the right solution

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