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In the "red envelope" era, do wardrobe enterprises watch or join the fun

with the rapid development and popularization of Internet, it can prolong the service life of equipment, and the society becomes more unpredictable. As far as the wardrobe industry is concerned, the wardrobe industry is still continuing the traditional sales channels, but it has inevitably encountered the attack of Internet technology in the market competition. During the Spring Festival of 20 to 15 years, more wardrobe enterprises want to be proud of it by "showing off" in the form of "red envelopes"

In the era of

, red envelopes have also been moved to the Internet.

it is a traditional folk custom of Chinese people to send red envelopes during New Year holidays. With the popularity of mobile Internet and intelligence, red envelopes have also been moved to the Internet. During the Spring Festival in 2015, various businesses were jointly launched the Spring Festival "red envelope shaking" activity. In the six days from New Year's Eve to the fifth day of the lunar new year, personal red envelopes received 3.27 billion times, of which the total number of new year's Eve received and sent reached 1.01 billion times. Fengben enterprise adheres to the tenet of building a business with integrity, keeping a business with quality and building a business with enterprise, reaching 1.65 million red envelopes per minute, 64.8 times that of 2014, a record high. Red envelopes have become a popular word at the beginning of 2015

the significance of payment is to stabilize and seize market share

the great advantage of mobile e-commerce is seamless publicity. It is more comprehensive and faster, and it can transmit information to consumers anytime and anywhere. It is more user-friendly. What enterprises and businesses need to consider most is how to make information received by target customers

in the era, for wardrobe merchants who access payment, the significance of payment is not only to complete the closed loop of online shopping and offline shopping. It is also due to its integration with the largest social account system, so as to help wardrobe enterprises keep pace with the times, stabilize and seize market share

in the era, are wardrobe enterprises watching or participating in the excitement

in this era of increasingly rapid renewal, the trend in the market is always changing. In this context, wardrobe enterprises need to keep up with the market trend, grasp the market consumption demand and seek development opportunities. However, in the face of new things, enterprises should not only "join the fun", but also find their own "way". Payment certainly has its advantages, but it is the key for wardrobe enterprises to find the winning point at the time of development

at present, it is no longer an ordinary communication software, and it is getting closer and closer to people's life. Payment has gradually become a hot topic in the field of e-commerce, and then continues to be loaded. Some wardrobe enterprises have also begun to open stores and test water payment. The advent of the micro era may subvert the development mode of the industry to a certain extent. However, in this expectation, wardrobe enterprises need to find the key to achieve the desired development effect by using micro payment

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