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Analysis on the advantages of Jiangsu Zhiheng customized call center system

the so-called customized call center mainly takes customer business as the core, and follows the customer business process design idea to provide personalized customized services according to the needs of specific customer groups. It has flexible configuration control mode, many types of friction pairs, large speed regulation range, and can simulate the high-temperature environment. Jiangsu Zhiheng customized call center system can be perfectly integrated with the customer business system, which mainly reflects the following advantages:

first, improve the quality of enterprise service

the use of general customized call centers will reduce the call cost and communication time to a certain extent. C. during the experiment process, At the same time, problems found in the use of the system can be handled in time, which solves the work efficiency of employees and improves the service quality of the enterprise

second, carry out secondary development according to enterprise needs

it is expected to be put into use in the first half of this year.

Jiangsu Zhiheng provides customized call center services, which can be systematically adjusted according to enterprise needs, that is, enterprise needs can be adjusted for work orders, and customer information CRM can be connected with enterprise data systems for development

third, there are many communication channels, flexible and open

multimedia integration platform, which integrates, fax, SMS, email, CRM and instant messaging. Customized call center can establish a professional marketing center for enterprises, understand the needs of each customer, and create more beneficial value for enterprise products and services

IV. low cost, short cycle and high cost performance

the system can have high-end call center products with zero investment in software and hardware, reduce investment risks, improve efficiency and solve all problems for customers

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