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Is the plastic industry facing a "crisis" or "opportunity" under environmental supervision

recently, affected by the environmental storm, many people in the plastic industry may be in an embarrassing situation of not booming in the peak season. Shut down, ban, raise prices, run out of goods... Some manufacturers said: please don't ask the price in the days that haven't opened, and directly ask whether there is any goods

you may think it's exaggerated, but it's not. On August 22, Changzhou Changshu new materials Co., Ltd. issued an emergency notice, saying that due to the impact of environmental protection inspections on upstream flame retardant suppliers, the company is currently unable to normally supply environmentally friendly flame retardant ABS series products and has limited inventory. Customers in need should prepare goods in advance to avoid supply interruption. At the same time, due to the current sharp fluctuations in the price of upstream raw materials, the period is dominated by temporary quotations

according to relevant news, the recycled plastic industry and downstream industries have been hit harder, and 80% of enterprises have stopped production for rectification or even closed down directly. During the 19th National Congress and the National Games, no matter whether the certificates are complete or not, all production enterprises will stop production

it can be seen that the shortage of goods in peak season is a foregone conclusion, and the price rise is also an inevitable trend

review of environmental protection supervision

as early as July 2015, the 14th meeting of the Central Committee for the restructuring of Shenzhen Africa proportional stress, etc. considered and adopted the environmental protection supervision plan (Trial), clearly establishing an environmental protection supervision mechanism. The supervision work will be carried out in the form of the central environmental protection supervision group to the provincial, district and municipal Party committees and governments and their relevant departments, and will sink to some Prefecture and municipal Party committees and government departments

after one pilot and three formal implementation, recently, the fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectors has also begun, and eight inspection teams have been stationed successively for one month

according to the catalogue of classified management of pollutant discharge permits for fixed pollution sources (2017 Edition) proposed by the Ministry of environmental protection, the petrochemical industry involved is basically concentrated in the eastern coast, which is mainly divided into petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry and inorganic chemical industry. Among them, petrochemical industry involves PP, LLDPE, PTA, PVC and other bulk commodities, while coal chemical industry mainly involves thermal coal, methanol and other bulk commodities. Therefore, in addition to the western provinces, the vast majority of the supervision involved are concentrated in the eastern coastal speed regulation range: 0.001 ⑵ 5mm/min, and they are all provinces where energy and chemical industry are mainly concentrated

for example, PTA is an important raw material for the production of polyester and fiber, and its main production places in China are concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Similarly, the main production provinces of PP and LDPE are also concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Shandong, another major chemical industry province, is mainly engaged in crude oil consumption, asphalt manufacturing and rubber tire production. The above three provinces are within the scope of this environmental protection supervision

impact of environmental protection supervision on the plastic industry

under the environmental storm, a variety of raw materials in the upstream of the plastic industry have ushered in a "collective price rise" tide. Take recycled plastics as an example. Last year, EPS Brown recycled particles were only 4900 yuan/ton, but now it has risen to 7200 yuan/ton. According to incomplete statistics, since April, the national recycled plastic industry has adjusted the price for many times, and the maximum increase of EPS recycled particles to improve the technology and product level has reached 2000 yuan/ton. Of course, the soaring price of recycled plastics is not only the reason for environmental supervision and production restriction, but also a very important factor for banning the import of waste plastics. At present, some enterprises have announced to stop receiving orders, which have been out of stock or even out of stock. Tension is brewing in the industry and begins to spread

the impact of environmental supervision on the operating rate of the unit is also very obvious. Take PVC as an example. In the past, the maintenance period of domestic PVC enterprises was mostly concentrated in February and March at the beginning of the year. Affected by factors such as stricter environmental supervision, the number of maintenance enterprises has increased since this year, especially in July, August and September. According to zhuochuang data, there are currently three long-term parking enterprises, involving a production capacity of 680000 tons, accounting for 3.3% of PVC production capacity; Since July, the production capacity involved in shutdown and overhaul has reached 3.7 million tons, accounting for about 18% of the total production capacity. The decline in the operating rate of the industry due to the maintenance of environmental factors since January will be an important reason for the rapid rise in PVC prices in January

in the downstream market, many small plastic products enterprises with incomplete environmental protection equipment and serious environmental pollution are facing closure, especially in Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other regions, where such enterprises that do not meet environmental protection qualifications are relatively concentrated. The closure will bring bad news to the market in the short term, but after washing and elimination, the integration of downstream enterprises will accelerate, which is a good factor for large-scale enterprises with complete environmental protection facilities

[editor's summary] for the plastic industry, environmental protection supervision is like a round of cleaning. The waves wash away the sand and lead, which can promote enterprises to increase environmental protection investment and force backward production capacity to exit. In this cleaning, on the one hand, enterprises whose production processes fail to meet environmental protection standards are bound to be difficult to survive. On the other hand, from a long-term perspective, the plastic industry will also usher in a virtuous cycle due to the elimination of backward production capacity

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