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Is the rt6039s function of Rongtai intelligent massage chair easy to use? Start with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

this Rongtai intelligent massage chair home full-automatic space luxury cabin multi-function full-body massage sofa rt6039s is the latest model to be launched in 2019. It seems to be recommended by the evaluation. This Rongtai intelligent massage chair rt6039s is planted behind it. It has been used for a period of time. Let's talk about the use experience as follows: good massage chair, many modes. It is comfortable and cost-effective, especially when massaging the shoulder, neck and back. The waist is very comfortable during the follow-up visit in December, and the exclusive store is also very close to my home (Wanda Plaza, Fengtai Science and technology b0.10 Park). When I went to the store to try a massage chair, the salesperson was also very enthusiastic, the service was very high, and patiently explained the professional knowledge, so I bought this massage chair

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1. Rongtai intelligent massage chair rt6039s price quotation:

price: ¥ 23800.00

promotion price: ¥ 10999.00

tmall activity details:

2. Rongtai intelligent massage chair rt6039s configuration parameters:

brand: Rongtai

3. Rongtai intelligent massage chair rt6039s other user comments:

when two express brothers send their baby home, the first feeling is big and the place is a little small. It was originally a low-temperature slot.Automatic temperature control Automatic timing and automatic alarm my husband took a fancy to another one. I insisted on this one, but later it looked good, and I didn't have much time to experience the function. 4 Active gear shifting: it should be good to actively switch to the appropriate range according to the size of the load. The customer service and the two couriers are also very friendly

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