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Is banning plastic bags in restaurants for health or for fines

recently, the business of small restaurants has been plagued by the rise in the price of pigs and the prohibition of the use of plastic bags, and has entered a critical place. Otherwise, there is a saying that robbery is better than selling rice, stock speculation is better than robbing, stock speculation is better than raising pigs, raising pigs is better than selling steamed buns, and selling steamed buns (plastic bags) dare not use bags (plastic bags). This is all gossip, which is not reasonable. But after the government introduced the policy of imposing a maximum fine of 1000 yuan on plastic bags on bowls, a problem surfaced. Is this policy for food safety or for fines

first of all, I don't open a small restaurant, nor do I trust. It's a simple consumer. Let's analyze this problem together

first, how to ensure the safety of tableware if plastic bags are not allowed

Why do you use plastic bags

a few days ago, I saw such a manuscript "Provincial Department of health: there was a high incidence of hepatitis in infectious diseases in Shaanxi Province in the first half of the year (). As we all know, hepatitis is the first taboo for everyone to eat out, which is related to the mode of transmission of hepatitis. Hepatitis is mainly transmitted by skin contact and sharing daily necessities, and tableware is the top priority of the transmission experiment. Therefore, plastic bags are regarded as the most effective and cheapest product to resist the poison of hepatitis when there are no disinfection facilities in small restaurants and it is impossible to use disinfection bowls. Time has passed, and now people pay more attention to health, so simple plastic bags to isolate viruses can no longer satisfy everyone. This is also because some experts have proposed that plastic bags will harm your body when heated, so what is the harm

it is said that plastic bags are toxic. What kind of poison is it?

plastic bags are organic chemical products. There are many methods to make them. Their main raw materials are organic substances such as polyethylene or polystyrene. In the process of high temperature, polyethylene and polystyrene can produce some products harmful to human body. At present, the transparent and low-cost film plastic bags widely used in the market are mostly PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials. The temperature of hot things just coming out of the pot is about 90 ℃, and this kind of PVC plastic bag will melt under the high temperature of 80 ℃, and the plasticizers and other substances released are toxic and harmful. Plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments and other auxiliary materials are easy to be extracted by oil or water in food and eaten with food, which is harmful to human health. At the same time, such recycled plastic bags may contain harmful substances such as fluorescence and heavy metals, which are very harmful to human body. After talking for a long time, what degree of harm will these drugs bring to people

these organics may cause cancer

although polyethylene is a non-toxic plastic product, the smell emitted by the heating of plastic products has certain damage to the human brain. However, the plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments, fluorescence and plastic products contained in Recycled PVC plastic bags (our commonly used bowl bags) belong to organic substances, which can cause cancer when heated, and the state expressly prohibits them from being used as food packaging. At the same time, the heavy metals added in recycled plastic products have direct physiological toxicity to humans and animals in the morning of August 10

as the saying goes, the lesser of the two evils is the right one

the problem comes out. Using plastic bags may cause cancer, not hepatitis. It seems that the probability is almost the same. However, cancer is a disease with many causes. In addition, experts now say several carcinogenic things almost every day. What's worse is that the same thing they say today may cause cancer, and tomorrow they say it can treat cancer. Everyone is fooled a lot, so they don't believe it. The transmission route of hepatitis is relatively single, coupled with the ancient saying that diseases enter from the mouth, so we would rather eat plastic bags than choose the dishes and chopsticks that we believe others have used. This is a competition between long pain and short pain. Avoid what you can see, don't avoid what you can't see, and don't worry about what you can't see. Anyway, you didn't put a plastic bag on my bowl, and I can see it at a glance

second, a reasonable solution to this problem must start from the root

it seems that using plastic bags is indeed toxic, but how can we avoid not winning the bid when eating out

there are two ways. First, use your own bowls and chopsticks; Second, the store disinfects the dishes and chopsticks. The first method has been called for countless years. It seems difficult to promote. The second method, I personally think, should be possible. The possibility lies in that the business itself is to provide you with consumer goods, and it undertakes to provide hygienic and reasonable joint generation services. The disinfection of dishes and chopsticks is the most basic. If this is not available, it is not a qualified restaurant. It's good to go to the barber's alone. The barber's shop can't let consumers bring their own stools. Suitable and comfortable stools should be provided by the barber's shop (this is not too much)

fine plastic bags are not as good as fines. Don't use disinfection cabinets

from the above analysis, it is not difficult for us to draw such a conclusion that using plastic bags will cause harm to people, but without plastic bags, it will not disinfect dishes and chopsticks (this is a practical problem. It is obviously impossible to remove the bacteria by washing dishes now), which will also cause harm to everyone. At present, when the disinfection cabinet is not sure to play a role in small restaurants, is it inappropriate to blindly refuse to use plastic bags? Consumers should not be allowed to stick their mouths to the wall and wait for the government to do a good job. Small restaurants use disinfection cabinets before eating

third, this decision is obviously not very humanized

when one end has not been set up and the other end has been stepped empty, consumers do not know how to face it. We are thinking about a question. Is there a difference in the difficulty of work between the fine for businesses using plastic bags and the fine for businesses not using disinfection cabinets? That is to say, can the bowl without detoxification and the bowl with bag be distinguished by naked eyes? (the sterilized bowl is very dry, and the bowl taken out of the open disinfection cabinet is hot). The inspection work is simple and simple. After receiving the report from the consumer, the industrial and commercial department can confirm it by checking it (the same workflow as checking the plastic bag on the bowl now). Since these two inspections are similar, we have to doubt the original intention of this policy. Maybe someone said that this policy is not for the health of consumers, but for environmental protection. Plastic bags cannot be degraded. If that's all, I'd like to ask, what's the use of environmental protection when people die? Is environmental protection for another kind of people? Instead of these ordinary citizens who consume in small restaurants

we believe that the government has not considered this matter so clearly, but we still have to say an old-fashioned question. Is fines the way to solve the problem? Suppose that a restaurant has a high daily turnover, and a fine of 5001000 (usually 500500 without Invoicing) is lower than the business defects caused by the dishwasher, electricity, water and dishwashing time he hires after washing, then he can completely ignore the fine, because the industry and commerce can't go to this restaurant for inspection every day (unless there is hatred). Then go a few days a month, and the remaining days are the days to make money, I don't think the store owner will care

this kind of fine without supervision is still problematic. At least it will bring procedural corruption. Do you dare to guarantee that bribery will not occur in the inspection process? If I'm a shopkeeper, I'll tell the industry and Commerce (because the industry and commerce is managed by segments) I'll give you 3000 yuan. We are all our own people, and I don't want tickets. You don't want to come again this month (it's very possible. 1. Sample can). In this way, the legal small restaurant has become an illegal shampoo room. As long as some people want to spend money, they will scratch it. Isn't it a little forced into prostitution

in fact, all this is just my imagination and reasoning. I don't want this to be like this. I feel that I will be fined 1000 yuan, and ask the store owner to buy a disinfection cabinet and use it. If he finds it again, he will be fined to buy another one. Hehe, until everyone uses the disinfection bowl

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