Ti, the hottest Ti, has released two new low-frequ

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Ti Ti has released two new low-frequency RFID tags

Ti has released two new low-frequency RFID tags. The new label is used in metal intensive or industrial environments, such as container tracking application in waste management, vehicle identification twin-screw extruder, because it has less heat generated by friction, the material is sheared evenly, the conveying capacity of the screw is large, the extrusion capacity is relatively stable, the materials stay in the barrel for a long time and access control, oil refineries and other production environments

this 12mm multi-purpose slope 3db/oct wedge label can be directly installed on metal. The user programmable memory is 208 bytes, and password protected writing allows the user to lock data. The 24mm round inlay has 80 bytes of read-write memory or 64 bytes of read-only memory. Labels can be packaged into various forms, which comply with iso/iec 11785 Standard

both labels are compatible with TI's HSX reader and have half duplex RF communication function. Half duplex RF communication refers to the simple communication between the reader and the tag, so that the reader can detect the tag in the case of interference from the electromagnetic source or other tags nearby

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