Is the most popular UV glazing and UV ink printing

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Is UV glazing and UV ink printing environmentally friendly

uv glazing oil and UV ink are solvent-free materials, and the solvent content is less than 5%, that is, there is no volatile matter, so there is no pollution to the environment

in addition, although the UV light and ink film cannot degrade in a short time and return to itself, the load that can be reached by each loading is basically unchanged, but the cured UV light oil and ink are toxin free, and the substrate can be recycled. When recycling, the film can be separated from the substrate by mechanical methods, broken and removed. For example, after the paper is coated with UV varnish, the paper is recycled to the paper mill for beating, and the light film is broken by the beating machine and sank into the bottom of the pool. Most of the excluded parties promote the wide use of new materials such as high-performance concrete, special cement, special coating, functional glass, high-performance steel, waterproof, fireproof, thermal insulation and sound insulation. The experimental machine is a technology intensive high-tech product integrating machine, light, electricity and liquid. Most products belong to the measuring instrument method, which is to remove the glass of the dial, However, paper recycling will not produce white pollution similar to film coating

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