Guangxi Yuchai launched four new heavy tonnage eng

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Guangxi Yuchai launched four new heavy tonnage engines

Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. recently launched four heavy tonnage engines, including yc6l, YC6M, YC6A, yc6g. These four engines have reached the international advanced level, and their emissions are at Euro III level, with power ranging from 280 HP to 380 HP

the heavy-duty engine launched by Yuchai this time is a new product jointly developed with internationally renowned enterprises. Among them, yc6l series new products jointly developed with German FEV company adopt internationally advanced technologies such as electronic control unit pump, four valves, pressurization and intercooling, with maximum power of 350 horsepower, emission up to standard Euro III standard, overhaul mileage of more than 1million kilometers, can work smoothly at minus 40 ℃ to 50 ℃, adapt to different heights from sea level to 4000 meters, and have fault diagnosis, cruise control Idle load control and other functions. Yc6 has relatively simple operation and conditioning. After the successful development of L engine in 2003, it has been quickly matched with many vehicle manufacturers. The market has received enthusiastic response, stable emissions and the most prominent economic performance

YC6M is a product developed by Yuchai with construction machinery as its main market. In April (1) June, it was found that the wear products adopt advanced design concepts and means, and the average effective pressure, rising power, rising torque and other indicators are at the leading level in China. The reliability development of multiple rounds was carried out according to the mechanical development program of German FEV company. The service life of this kind of experimental machine is currently a kind of experimental machine with good performance, which is more than 12000 hours or 800000 kilometers, and is suitable for 50, 60 loaders, cement mixers, etc. YC6M's market voice has been rising all the way. In just two months after its successful development, it has been matched with 20 vehicle manufacturers

YC6A and yc6g also have good performance. They are designed and produced by using the special technology of well-known enterprises in Germany and the United States respectively. They have significant advantages such as high horsepower, high torque, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low emission, convenient maintenance and so on

the advent of Yuchai's internationally advanced heavy-duty engine will undoubtedly trigger a technological revolution in Chinese engines, and will also have a far-reaching impact on Yuchai's own product structure. The "trump power" of match machine has been comprehensively expanded from medium-sized machine to heavy and light machine, and a product platform consisting of two people's technical platform, eleven series and 1200 varieties has been formed, The two major technology platforms are yc6g, YC6112, YC4112 and YC4110 series of American technology platforms and yc6l, YC6M, YC6A, YC6108, yc6105, yc4l and YC4108 series of German technology platforms. The power range covers 65 to 380 horsepower. Most products are at the international advanced level and are widely matched with automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, marine machinery and generator sets

Yuchai is the largest internal combustion engine production base in China. For many years, it has been at the forefront of the industry, leading the revolution of engine technology, and promoting the continuous and rapid development of enterprises that can produce 10000-300000 parts per year. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994 and became the first UN Procurement Supplier in China's machinery industry in 2002. In 2003, among the diesel engine manufacturers with independent accounting, the production and sales volume ranked first in the field of heavy and medium-sized commercial vehicles in the world, and ranked first among the 100 foreign capital blue chip Chinese shortlisted enterprises listed in New York

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