Guangxi Liujiang paper mill plans to build a 35000

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Guangxi Liujiang paper mill plans to build a 350000 ton bamboo pulp production project

recently, it was learned from the economic and Trade Commission of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that Guangxi Liujiang paper mill plans to build the largest fully bleached bamboo pulp production line in China. According to reports, the project has preliminarily passed the evaluation and demonstration of the State Economic and Trade Commission and other departments, and is expected to officially start in the near future

since its establishment, Liujiang paper mill has used bamboo for pulping and papermaking. After years of production practice, its scale and technology of pulping and papermaking with bamboo are at the domestic advanced level. Relying on the abundant bamboo resources in Guangxi and the unique cost advantage of Bamboo Pulping, the plant plans to build the largest domestic full bleached bamboo pulp production line with an annual output of 350000 tons in about 3 years. The project is the largest industrial investment project in Guangxi this year, which is constructed with national debt loans. The estimated total investment of the project is 3.54 billion yuan

relevant experts believe that after the production line is completed and put into operation, the annual sales revenue (including tax) of Liujiang paper mill will exceed 1.5 billion yuan. The project is not only in line with the industrial policy of China's paper industry that "the causes and solutions of errors in the measurement results of electronic testing machines are mainly wood, and bamboo and wood are developed simultaneously through the computer data collection and processing system", but also held the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum, which is of positive significance for promoting the protection and construction of the ecological environment in Guangxi and driving the vast number of farmers in the west to get rid of poverty and become rich

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