Guangxi Petrochemical is constantly developing hig

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Guangxi Petrochemical is constantly developing high-end polypropylene

Guangxi Petrochemical is constantly optimizing the product structure and developing new varieties of polypropylene products. On the basis of stable production of l5e89 and l5d98, polypropylene units further develop high-end brand products such as aluminum plated BOPP and high melt index fiber resin (lhf40p). The product quality has been significantly improved, which has been widely recognized by users in the South China market and achieved good economic benefits

South China is the largest sales market of polypropylene products in China. Guangxi Petrochemical produces nearly 200000 tons of polypropylene products every year, accounting for only 8% of the South China market. Among them, film material l5d98 and wire drawing material l5e89 are widely recognized by the market for their excellent quality and stable processing performance

this year, Guangxi Petrochemical Company, holding windform XT 2.0 as a top-level light sintering material for asphalt waterproof coiled material, continued to step up the production of high melt index fiber resin (lhf40p), and the product quality and output were significantly improved. High melt index fiber resin (lhf40p) products are widely used by impact testing machines in all walks of life, and are widely used in the production of ultra-thin non-woven fabrics, which has a very good market prospect. The market demand for polypropylene resin products used for thin-wall injection molding has a large front and rear door. The company firmly seized the market opportunity and stepped up the production of new LH injection molded polypropylene resin products. After being put on the market, users processed and used them well, which greatly improved the efficiency and profitability of polypropylene products. The market demand for high-end aluminized BOPP film and high-rigid thin-wall injection molded polypropylene resin also continued to grow

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