The United States may lift the oil export ban to d

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The United States may lift the oil export ban to deal with the impact of cheap crude oil

the United States may lift the oil export ban to deal with the impact of cheap crude oil

January 5, 2015

[China paint information] according to the financial times, 5, the US Obama administration is ready for a heated debate on the US crude oil export ban. In order to cope with the impact of cheap crude oil, the United States will allow more light processed oil to be exported overseas, which will make the valves and oil lines more congested

this decision last week will put the US export ban, which has been maintained for 40 years, on the political agenda. At a time when some developing trend people are worried about the environmental impact of shale oil production, the tension between US producers and Saudi Arabia over the decline in oil prices is increasing

critics of the crude oil export ban said that the ban in the 1970s was outdated and should be cancelled because the United States faced an oversupply of shale oil, which weakened the demand of the international market and reduced the United States' oil imports

since last June, Oil price benchmark Brent crude oil price has been reduced by more than half to less than $58 per barrel, said Xu Xiao, regional manager of Shuangma plastics. "The industry convergence of this exhibition is very high, which is endangering the economic prospects of some shale oil production in the United States.

1. Stephen Myrow, a former US Treasury official and now working for beacon policy advisors, is a displacement sensor He said that the Obama administration is trying to achieve two goals: to encourage the expansion of exports of "condensate" (processed through basic distillation tower) products, but not to announce a formal policy change

lifting the export ban may encourage more shale investment, or at least offset the negative impact of low oil prices. But environmentalists worry that methane leakage is exacerbating global warming, and shale mining areas will produce this strong greenhouse gas

U.S. President Barack Obama is cautious on this issue because he hopes to take measures on climate change, but he has always praised the shale boom for promoting economic growth and reducing the U.S. dependence on foreign oil

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