Accelerating the reshuffle of the coating industry

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Accelerating the reshuffle of the coating industry needs to innovate the marketing mode e-commerce Cheng pusher

accelerating the reshuffle of the coating industry needs to innovate the marketing mode e-commerce Cheng pusher

May 29, 2015

with the implementation of degradable mulch [China coating information] although the real estate market has recovered, it has not brought direct benefits to the downstream coating industry in a short time. At present, the paint market environment is not optimistic. Excess production capacity, reduced market demand, poor capital circulation and shortage of talents have become the shackles that paint enterprises can not get rid of. Paint dealers at the sales terminal are also complaining about the shrinking profits and rising operating costs. In this general trend, the industry reshuffle wave is more violent than the exchange. How can coating enterprises avoid being shot dead on the beach

reshuffle provides opportunities for brand formation.

reshuffle of an industry is the inevitable result of the development of the market economy of the industry to a certain stage when it is recommended to do a good job in the usual protection. Industry reshuffle is a huge opportunity for advantageous enterprises, but the coating enterprises that rely on plagiarism and imitation of famous brands will find it more difficult to survive in the fierce market competition environment. Through this reshuffle, the operators of coating enterprises have checked their own operation and management ability. Those coating enterprises that usually pay attention to internal skill cultivation have strong pressure resistance in the era of reshuffle

with the full integration of information in the Internet + era, the characteristics of low attention and high involvement in the past coating industry are changing. Consumers' information access channels and contents, both in breadth and depth, have increased than in the past. Therefore, for those enterprises that are already in a dominant position in the industry, the current industry situation is extremely beneficial to them. The key is to see whether they can seize this opportunity to attack strongly and constantly seize the original market scale of those enterprises that have been shuffled

in the era of reshuffle, brands need to innovate marketing models

reshuffle in an industry often means that one group of enterprises fall down and hand over their market share to another group of enterprises. In the current environment, the marketing model that used to rely solely on channels to win is undergoing a complete change, and the model that relies on large-scale promotions to build customer groups is also entering a dead end. Whether we can find the blue ocean of the coating industry in the existing red ocean is the key to the marketing creativity in the new era. How to make use of the third-party platform to walk out of its own characteristic marketing mode is worth the reference of the coating industry

for the operators of the coating industry, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious. Moreover, the competition faced by channel agents is becoming stronger and stronger. How to compete for scarce customer resources more effectively and increase customer value has become a difficult problem that brands and agents need to solve. Global coatings understands that it is impossible to achieve a breakthrough by relying on agents alone. It is necessary to organically combine the marketing ability of brands with the terminal management ability of agents, establish a new marketing model that covers brands, agents and consumers, and form a strong stickiness between consumers and brands from the source. This is the key principle for marketing success in this era

e-commerce promotes the accelerated reshuffle of the coating industry

external environment: Recently, the State Council issued the opinions of the State Council on vigorously developing e-commerce and accelerating the cultivation of new economic power, focusing on solving deep-seated contradictions and major problems in the development of e-commerce, such as the opening of government resources, network security, investment and financing support In terms of infrastructure and integrity system construction, we will strengthen services and vigorously promote policy innovation, management innovation and service innovation

internal environment: with the development of Internet +, building e-commerce platforms are becoming more and more mature. The online trading platform of domestic construction industry will bring new opportunities to the coating industry. With the help of core interconnection concepts and technologies online and offline, relying on the profound resources of large groups in the traditional coating industry, the company provides coating enterprises with all-round three-dimensional services online and offline, from goods on the shelves to purchase orders, to logistics and transportation, to after-sales services, to financial support and supply chain building

the coating industry is a highly market-oriented industry. At this stage, it is imperative to adjust the industrial structure, eliminate backward production capacity and accelerate the overall upgrading of the industry. Under the favorable environment of e-commerce, coating enterprises should try their best to seize the e-commerce and create a way to lead the enterprises to a better and faster development path, and the risk that those enterprises that turn a blind eye to e-commerce will be eliminated by the market will increase

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